The Most Important things for Every New Parent of a Special Needs Child to Know at the Beginning

When a couple initially becomes parents, there are a seemingly endless number of concerns and worries that cross their minds. They may wonder about education, socialization, finances and more when their first child is born, and these same issues may cross their mind each time they have another child. When you have a special needs child, there is often more emphasis and importance on some of these factors. In fact, some of them should receive your attention from the start. These are some of the points that you may want to focus on right away if you have a special needs child. Read More

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Metro Denver Single Moms In Need Receive Gifts and Food For Mother’s Day

Every year, mothers are celebrated with special gifts, meals and time with loved ones on Mother’s Day.  What about those single moms who struggle to make ends meet? What do they get on their special day? Historically, the answer has been not much.

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Don’t Hold Blame: 4 Keys to happiness After a Divorce

Holding blame is the norm and not the exception after a divorce. After all, divorce is right up there with death for serious emotional consequences. There are any number of reasons to hold onto anger and vengeful thinking after a divorce, all of which contribute to ill health and stagnant personal growth. Here are four situations and ways to let go of the despair and move on. Read More

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Schooling on the Side: How to Handle a Family and Your Education

The urge to return to school temps millions of people all over the world. The need for additional education could be to secure a promotion, change career fields, or simply to satisfy the love of learning. Parents, desiring to return to school, may have a different set of challenges than a single person. School can be time-consuming. Should you work part-time and put more effort into your education? Or, should you forgo your education to maintain your present lifestyle?

The reality is that in today’s competitive world, you may have no alternative but to upgrade your education. That being said, the next logical step is to get your family’s buy-in. Without their support, it’s difficult to be successful. Marriages can fall apart, or they can get stronger depending on how well your education effort is accepted and coordinated.

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How You Can Protect You and Your Family From Drowsy Or Distracted Drivers

Each year, an estimated 100,000 accidents are caused by drowsy drivers, resulting in about $12.5 billion in financial losses. Drowsy drivers are a huge liability on the road, and their presence makes driving all the more dangerous for others. To protect yourself and your family from these drivers, follow our six tips: Read More

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