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2015 Ready, Set, School! Program Helps 863 Students!

The results from our 2015 Ready, Set, School! program are in and we were able to help 863 students with their school supply needs. Through your support, we turned your “Hand Up” into a head held high!

“I love school and it’s even more enjoyable when I have school supplies, and when I’m in style. I thank you very much for everything that you gave, it’s so generous, and it inspires me to also be generous. I will never forget this!” – Fifth Grade Girl

Each year, IFCS works to deliver much needed school supplies to families in need. These supplies make a real impact on the academic success. Without the right supplies, students feel self conscious and/or don’t have the proper tools to succeed.

The Ready, Set, School! program aims to address this problem by providing supplies to those who would otherwise go without. It also goes one step further by providing a new school outfit and coupon for a haircut. This way, the student not only has the right supplies, they have an additional boost to their self-esteem as they head back into the classroom.

Our students in need are grateful for all the support donors and volunteers provide. Here is what they had to say about the program:

  • Thank you for buying all the things I needed to start the school year. I loved the clothes. Once again Thank you – Sixth Grade Girl
  • I will study hard, do my homework, and learning…like you wish! – Middle School Boy
  • My son wanted to go shopping and didn’t understand why he couldn’t get new things for school – Unemployed Single Mother of three boys
  • My daughter really liked the light up backpack and My Little Pony water bottle, it really put the excitement in her for the new school year– Mother of Elementary Girl
  • My son loves each and everything you put in his backpack! Your kindness has blessed our family. – Mother of a First Grader
  • Thank you “four” the nice backpack. I really like the details on it – Third Grade Boy
  • Whenever I’m going to draw, I will use this sketch book – Elementary Boy
  • Thank you for the backpack and supplies…I am going to use them with happiness…I’m very happy, I needed it…I am encouraged to study allot – Three Elementary Siblings
  • Thak U for the Supilis and Bak Pak and the Clos. I love my stof and tak Uo, I love it – First Grade Girl
  • (My daughter) and I actually didn’t find your note until her first day. She was so excited to find it and it made the day so special for her – Mother of First Grader
  • Drolling is my fravit, thanck you for the cool paper! – Elementary Boy
  • Special thanks for the neon long socks – he has wanted some like that for hockey. It meant so much to him that you wrote him a note and got paper for him extra – he loves to write and draw…it was a huge hit!
  • Thank you for buying all the things I needed to start the school year. I loved the clothes. Once again Thank you – Sixth Grade Girl

Click here for a PDF wrapping up the 2015 Ready, Set, School! program to share with friends, family and your colleagues.

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