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3 Appointments to Make for Your Kids before They Go Back to School

You may be counting the days down before the kids go back to school, but have you scheduled all those last-minute appointments. With school right around the corner, now is the time to make sure your kids have had all the tests and evaluations they need to put their best foot forward in the classroom. Taking these steps now will make sure your kids are ready to learn from day one.

Doctor Appointments

It’s vital that you schedule yearly doctor exams for your kids before school starts. The doctor will ensure that your kids are healthy and up to date on all their vaccinations. If your kids are in sports, be sure to tell your doctor, so he can perform a sport’s physical at the same time. Scheduling this appointment before the first day of school will give your kids time to receive any necessary treatments or to see any recommended specialists before school starts.

Eye Doctor / Behavioral Optometrist Appointment

If your child wears glasses, it’s important to schedule an annual eye appointment before the first day of school. This step will give you time to obtain new glasses for your child if necessary. However, just because your child passes the eye exam at school doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have issues with his vision.

If your child has learning issues in school, trouble with visual perception, or seems unable to focus, there may be an underlying vision issue. It’s crucial to schedule an appointment with a behavioral optometrist before your child goes back to school to determine if there is a vision issue or not. If an issue is detected, the behavioral optometrist can provide vision therapy to improve basic eye function.

Dentist / Orthodontist Appointment

Your kids’ oral health is just as important as their physical health, so don’t forget to schedule a dental appointment before sending your kids back to school. A dentist can perform a complete dental exam, fill any cavities, check for tooth and gum disease, and show your kids how to take care of their teeth properly. If your child has braces or has been referred to an orthodontist, be sure to schedule this appointment before school starts as well.

Scheduling these three main appointments before your kids go back to school can help make sure they are prepared for a full year of learning. Most importantly, these appointments can detect any potential issues with your child’s overall health and to start treating these issues before school even starts. This way your child will be ready to learn on day one.

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