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3 Back-To-School Preparations that Are Better Late Than Never

Getting the kids ready to head back to school can be chaotic and stressful. You may have been thoroughly enjoying a relaxed summer routine until the time came for you to start thinking about back-to-school plans. Suddenly, you may have felt immersed with school supplies checklists, back-to-school events at each of the kids’ schools and clothes shopping. With so much to do during the last few weeks of summer, it is not unusual for parents to overlook a few important prep steps. These are some of the more common steps that you may have overlooked, but remember that it is better to check them off of your list later rather than not at all.

A Dental Checkup

The weeks before a new school year begins is a common time for parents to schedule dental hygiene exams for the kids. Dental clinic exams should typically be scheduled twice per year and approximately six months apart. In fact, your dental insurance provider may not cover services that are scheduled too close together. While you may be concerned that you overlooked this important task, simply contact your child’s dental office to determine when the next checkup should be scheduled.

An Eye Exam

Like dental checkups, eye exams should be scheduled regularly. However, for most children, one eye exam per year is sufficient. Completing this step before school starts makes sense. After all, you want any vision problems to be corrected before the new school year begins. If you have not yet tackled this task, now may be the right time to make an appointment with your child’s optometrist.

Home Organization

Home organization is a task that many parents overlook entirely, but it is essential. If you are like most parents, you may have paid a small fortune to purchase new school supplies, a backpack, new clothes, new shoes and more for your child. Depending on the age of your child, you may have simply let your child tote these items to his or her room without giving them a second thought. However, incorporating all of these new items into your child’s space all at once can create a huge mess. A smart idea is to clean out your child’s closest and dresser before shopping. If this moment has passed, simply spend a few hours helping your child to weed out unnecessary items and to organize the room.

You understandably want your children to get their new school year started on the right foot. Each of these steps plays an important role in achieving that goal. If the new school year has already begun and you have not yet tackled these tasks, remember that it is better to do them later rather than not at all.

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