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3 Career Options For Your Tech-Savvy Child

So you have a tech-savvy child who is beginning to think about his or her career options. Careers in tech are in high demand right now with the increasing presence of technology in our lives, so it is an excellent field for your child to enter. Now would be an excellent time to start exposing your child to the various careers his or her passion will be well suited for. Consider any of these three excellent career options for a tech-savvy child.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now a major, and perhaps the most important, area of marketing for businesses and other services. Most people now find out about businesses or products online and so digital marketers are tasked with finding ways to reach that online audience. This can include online advertising, branding, content creation and building a connection to customers and potential customers online. Digital marketers can have different specializations. For example, positions for Social Media Marketers and Viral Media Marketers exist. Digital marketers have a lot of tools at their disposal – for example, they can utilize animation to get their point across in eye-catching videos. A bachelor’s degree in marketing or a more specialized digital marketing program is the education someone would need to enter this career. Some positions, particularly in marketing management, might require a master’s degree.

2. Information Technology (IT) Specialist

With more and more businesses expanding and forming their own IT departments due to how inextricably their business is tied to the tech it uses, it should come as no surprise that becoming an IT specialist is a solid career option for anyone who likes working with tech. IT specialists maintain and troubleshoot technology in a professional setting, whether that is a private sector business, a government entity, a nonprofit or other entity. They have to be able to explain complex technical information to management and other non-IT employees. It’s an excellent career for anyone who loves finding the right technology to use and troubleshooting it when something goes wrong. Your child might work for a single company in-house or work for an IT firm that supports a number of different companies. IT specialist positions usually require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field.

3. Animation and Video Game Design

Many kids these days want to grow up to be designers of some sort – whether in animation or video games. There’s no reason you shouldn’t encourage your child to pursue this career option. Indie games, particularly through platforms like Steam, are gaining in popularity. Major companies are always looking for new talent, although jobs at the most famous and highly-regarded developers can be highly competitive. Computer animation, in lieu of hand-drawn traditional animation, is now used for many movies and TV shows, as are computer-generated special effects in films that are otherwise live action. Typically, multimedia artists need a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics or art, although self-taught skill is important as well in any creative profession. Sometimes jobs can be obtained based on your portfolio of work alone.

Tech careers are all the rage, so there are plenty of options for your child to choose from. It’s a respectable career field, so be sure, as a parent, to do your part and help encourage and prepare your child for the career they truly want to have. Try to give your child access to the equipment they will need to develop their talents. This can get expensive, so look for companies that offer services at an affordable rate, like ACN. Some may shy away from this opportunity, thinking it to be an ACN Pyramid Scheme, when in reality it is a great opportunity. The tech careers mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg, so encourage your child to look into all of his or her options in order to find the right fit. A tech-savvy child is well-positioned to have a career for the future that will be in-demand for a long time, and what more could a parent ask for?


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