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3 Career Options That Mesh Superbly Well With A Family Life

Combining a career with family can be challenging when working traditional nine-to-five jobs. Getting the kids to school, keeping up with extracurricular activities, and managing household chores is hard enough without struggling to hold a day job. Fortunately, there are career options that let parents enjoy the benefits of blending work with family life. The following are popular career choices with flexible scheduling for family responsibilities.


A career in education provides parents with a work schedule that is similar to that of their children’s school day. While many schools hire teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree in the discipline to be taught, others require a master’s degree. Earning a master of education online at a trusted university, like University of Cincinnati Online, is a convenient way to earn the necessary credentials to be considered for a teaching position almost anywhere in the country. Full-time and substitute teaching positions are widely available, as well as online teaching jobs.


Hospitals, nursing homes, and many private duty positions give nurses the flexibility of choosing their job schedules. Options include days, evenings, or nights, as well as full-time or part-time shifts. Nurses can then coordinate their work schedules with children’s school hours and other needs, such as doctor appointments or extracurricular activities. Sometimes shift changes are available as family needs evolve.


A 2012 Forbes article, “The 10 Best Jobs for Work and Family Balance,” includes a FlexJobs survey that indicated 97 percent of respondents believe that job flexibility would make them a better parent. Starting your own business is a great way to set a personal schedule that works with family needs. Job duties such as maintaining a website, designing products, developing marketing materials, and billing customers can generally be handled at home or during hours that are conducive to quality family time.

A career with flexible scheduling options helps families to avoid or reduce daycare costs for young children. Kids who get sick and cannot go to school can be supervised by parents who work at home. The ability to juggle family life with a career also helps to reduce parental stress and alleviates children’s anxiety. Kids of all ages will benefit from having parents at home for support and guidance. Single-parent and two-parent families have more career options than ever that let them prioritize family needs. It may be just a matter of finding the right job and a desirable schedule to avoid the 40-hour work week away from home.

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