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3 Catastrophic Winter Plumbing Issues and How to Prevent Them

Your home’s plumbing system is at risk of being damaged in various ways throughout the year, but the winter months may be more challenging than warmer months. Cold temperatures can cause water and wastewater to freeze, and it can strain plumbing features in several other ways. These are combined with other common plumbing issues that may occur any time of year. By understanding what risks your plumbing system faces during the winter, you may take steps to prevent these issues from developing in your home.

Frozen or Ruptured Pipes

One of the more common and well-known winter plumbing issues is frozen or ruptured pipes. When water freezes in the pipes, you cannot draw fresh water as desired until the pipes thaw. In some cases, the water expands significantly in the pipes, and this results in ruptured pipes and major water leaks. You may reduce the risk of frozen or ruptured pipes by running your water faucets at a slow trickle during cold weather conditions. Wrapping exterior pipes and leaving cabinet doors near sinks open may also be helpful.

A Malfunctioning Hot Water Heater

Many hot water heaters are located in a garage or basement, and they may be exposed to chilly temperatures. In addition, there may be an increased demand in the home for hot water because of the cold weather conditions. This combination of factors may place unnecessary strain on your system, and the result may be a malfunctioning water heater. Servicing your hot water heater before each winter is a great idea. You may also ensure that the water heater is placed in an area that is well-insulated.

Frozen or Damaged Septic System Components

Freezing temperatures can cause wastewater pipes leading to your septic tank to freeze. During the winter, other septic tank components may freeze as well. It may be more difficult to pump the tank as needed during the winter. Each of these challenges can have a detrimental impact on the condition of your tank and may impact how it performs over the winter. Pumping the tank before cold weather arrives is essential. You can also cover the tank with a special blanket and take other preventive steps to keep it well-maintained.

The last thing that you may want to contend with this winter is a plumbing system issue. However, freezing temperatures can cause significant damage to various aspects of your plumbing system. Now that you understand how cold temperatures may affect your plumbing features, you can take preventive action to protect your home from related damages throughout the winter.

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