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3 Considerations to Take to Get Your Child Into a Better Public School

About 50 percent of parents accept the school where their child is assigned while the other half take steps to get their child into the public school of their choosing. While parents have resorted to using someone else’s address, there are legal steps that parents may try. If you want your child to attend a specific public school, then here are tips to try.

Qualify for a Special Program

There are many schools that have special programs that your child may qualify for that are not offered in your current public school. For example, some schools may offer different vocational programs or programs for gifted and talented students. While it may take work on your part to get your child qualified, it can be worth the effort. Check out the possibilities and learn what steps are necessary to qualify your child for these programs. Even if you have to qualify your child for a different program within the school, it is usually easier than qualifying for the school in the first place, so be sure to cast a wide net.

Apply for Transfer

Many districts have rules allowing students to apply to be sent to a different school. Other times, states may have rules allowing you to enroll your child in a different public school district. Check out the possibilities as early as possible because many have very early deadlines. Once the transfer has been accepted, make sure you follow through on all necessary steps such as accepting the transfer. If you do not, then your child may no longer be accepted for transfer.


While moving always poses its own set of challenges like possibly longer commute times, most schools must take children within its district boundaries. These maps are available from the school’s main administration office, and many realtors have them too. Study the schools and decide which one you want your child to move to and then move within that district’s boundaries. You should definitely use a professional moving company, like Walsh Moving & Storage, to make the transition easier. Watch for deadlines as they may still apply if you are moving within the same school district forcing your child to attend the old school.

There are many legal ways that a parent can choose the public school that their child attends. Use these ideas to create your own plan following through with action in a timely manner. Your child’s future may depend on the actions you take now.

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