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3 Cool Collections You Can Keep as a Family

While hobbies are a great way for parents and their children to have something in common, not all hobbies are suitable for the entire family. Starting a collection happens to be one hobby that is suitable for just about any family dynamic. Presented for your reading pleasure is a trio of collection types to jump-start your own family hobby.


Comic books have been around for nearly 80 years, a length of time sufficient enough to be classified as contemporary literature. When one considers just how big comic books have become as a source of Hollywood inspiration, it makes sense why we’re recommending collecting comics as a possible hobby. Kids can see the books as a chance to compare and contrast films and television shows with the source material and even find role models to shape their future life; adults can encourage their children’s reading habits and problem solving while also regaling their children about how a given hero or villain used to be so different from the version presented more recently.

Silver Coins

Silver is a durable and precious metal that can be quite the investment. Coins, especially those of foreign origin, are naturally suited to starting a collection around. A silver coin collection is a great family collection in that it teaches children about the importance of money, the value of a dollar and, in the context of foreign coins, about the cultures of other countries. Once the kids are old enough to look into colleges, you can hand the collection off to them and, with it, the decision of whether to continue collecting or putting the silver’s worth toward bettering themselves with a higher education.


Name any sort of pop culture fixture, be it a television show, film or book and you are bound to run into at least one series of figurines dedicated to that media. Should you decide to focus on a figurine collection dedicated to one particular franchise or media outlet, you are giving your family two collections for the price of one. Additionally, figurines are naturally suited toward displays, allowing a collecting family to position their collection to recreate important scenes from the source material or just serve as action figures for young children to play around with.

While figurines, silver coinage and comics are hardly the beginning and end of family-friendly collection suggestions, they are a good start. Maybe these suggestions have struck your interest or maybe you came up with an entirely different idea by refuting these suggestions; either way, you have hopefully finished this article with inspiration to start a collection with your family or family-to-be.

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