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3 Inexpensive Aftermarket Solutions for Distracted Driving

It seems that every day, more and more people are getting into automobile accidents. Often, many of these accidents could have been prevented if the person at fault had not been distracted by his or her mobile device. Year after year, this issue has gone from being a problem to an epidemic among both younger people and even many adults.

Why Solve THIS Problem?

In the age of technology, distracted driving accidents have become so much of a problem that they have surpassed the issue of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Distracted driving killed more than 3,000 people in 2012. This issue goes deeper than just a few teenagers texting and driving. The fact is that even some large corporations require their employees to be fumbling around with electronics while driving. Not every instance of distracted driving can be avoided, but there are ways of being proactive.

Cellcontrol DriveID

Since distracted driving has become such a huge issue all over the world, individuals have come up with their own unique solutions for the problem. Enter the Cellcontrol DriveID, a device that hooks up under your rearview mirror. This aftermarket device keeps web surfing impulses in check while driving. The way it works is that a few seconds after you begin to drive, the device disables your ability to text, surf and call (except for emergency numbers) through your cell phone. The app is available for Android, Apple iOS, and Blackberry devices.

The LifeSaver App

Many people aren’t trying to read their latest text message or see the current game score, but there are other ways of being distracted while driving. One of these ways is when we use our phones as GPS devices. Looking up and down at your phone is no different than what teenagers do when they text. A great solution for this is called the LifeSaver app. One of its many features includes blacking out navigation visuals on your phone. While it does provide turn-by-turn audio assistance, it does not tempt you to be looking down for visuals constantly.


Powered by AT&T, this free app allows drivers to silence incoming text message alerts and phone calls. The best part is that just because you can’t visually see these features does not mean you can’t use them. The app includes voice command capabilities. Thus, users can still jam to their favorite tunes or reply to a text message without having to touch their phone.

Distracted driving may not be eradicated overnight. However, the use of groundbreaking technology and simple common sense can decrease the number of car accidents due to distraction.

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