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3 Kid-approved Ideas to Develop Healthier Hygiene Habits in 2020

When you want your children to have healthier hygiene habits, begin the process in 2020 as part of your New Year’s resolutions. If you want to help your children to have better hygiene, then you must find ways that will encourage them to follow new guidelines. Consider these three ways to help your children improve their daily hygiene habits.

Maintaining Weight and Increasing Physical Activity

More children are receiving a diabetes mellitus diagnosis because they are overweight. If you want to have healthier children, then encourage them to exercise with a Fitbit device made for kids. These items are made in smaller sizes and kid-friendly colors so that children can keep track of their caloric consumption and their physical activities. These waterproof wristbands are compatible with other android devices. Your child can keep track of daily steps, the number of sleeping hours and other activities to have better health in 2020. In addition, your child is able to plan the next week’s activities and meal plans.

Wall Charts and Stickers to Keep Track of Dental Hygiene

Rather than fighting with your child about brushing and flossing to prevent cavities and gum disease, look for wall charts and stickers that you can use as a reward system. These types of charts are available in school supply stores because teachers use these to encourage and reward students. When a child brushes and flosses without a reminder or complaining about it, you can add a sticker to the chart. After the chart is filled with stickers, you can reward your child with an extra 10 minutes of screen time on a computer. Some children prefer other rewards, such as going to a new movie at the theater when the entire chart is completed. A family dentist will notice the difference in your child’s oral hygiene during a six-month checkup.

Modern Sun Wake Up Alarm Clocks

When you have a child with sleeping problems, you can improve the child’s circadian rhythms with a modern sun wake up alarm clock. This type of clock will increase the lighting in your child’s room gradually to simulate natural sunlight, helping your child to wake up without feeling as groggy. The clocks are also useful at night for gradually reducing the light in a child’s bedroom to help a child become calmer and sleepier before the designated bedtime.

Last, you should talk to your children about the most modern ways that they want to have healthier sleeping and oral hygiene habits in 2020.

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