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3 Routine Hygiene Habits Your Kids Are Doing Wrong

3-routine-hygine-habits-your-kids-are-doing-wrongKids learn the basics of hygiene early, but if they aren’t taught how to carry out hygiene habits properly then they aren’t receiving the full benefits of doing them. Here are three hygiene habits kids are probably doing wrong and how to fix them.

Washing Their Feet

Kids sometimes believe standing in the shower or sitting in the bathtub is all they need to do to clean their feet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Using a washcloth covered in soap and water is the best way to make sure fungus doesn’t grow. Make sure kids don’t skip washing between their toes. Thorough foot washing should help with some of the inevitable smells that accompany adolescence.

It’s also not a bad idea to teach kids to moisturize their feet regularly. Cracked, dry skin causes itching, and the scratching can lead to bleeding and infections.

Oral Hygiene

Parents stress the importance of brushing and flossing to their kids at an early age. The problem is they may not be teaching them how to floss correctly since many adults don’t do it right either. The first issue is that most people use one piece of floss over and over again between each tooth. The Colgate Oral Care Center says this can lead to a reapplication of plague and chewed food, the exact opposite of what we hope to accomplish when flossing. Floss should also not be applied between only two teeth. It should form a half circle around the entire tooth and massage the areas between to remove all plague. If it takes kids less than one minute to floss, they aren’t doing it right.

Since the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, it’s important to make sure kids take flossing seriously. Take them into a dentist that works well with kids like Family First Dentistry LLC to have a professional demonstrate the correct way to take care of teeth.

Hand Washing

Every adult in a child’s life probably tells them repeatedly to wash hands after playing outside, before meals, and after being around someone who is ill. What they sometimes forget to tell them is that washing hands is more than one squirt of soap and quickly swiping them under the faucet. Try encouraging your kids to sing a song while they wash their hands to ensure they wash their hands long enough to remove harmful germs and bacteria. 

Kids should also know that drying their hands is a part of the cleaning process. Until their hands are dry, they shouldn’t consider them clean.

Habits are formed over time, so working with children daily on their hygiene practices should render results eventually. Be an example to your kids by making a conscious effort to follow these tips yourself so they can see them in use. It’s worth putting in the time since good hygiene is a gateway to good health.

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