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3 School Essentials To Prepare Your Child For Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes are one of the scariest natural disasters because they are completely unpredictable. Unlike tornadoes and hurricanes, the local meteorologist can’t track the next earthquake. The United States routinely sees more than 30 earthquakes with a 5 magnitude or higher every year, so it is best to always be prepared. Earthquake preparedness is even more important when you have kids in school. It’s reassuring for both you and your child to both know they have some supplies should they need it. These are the three school essentials that your child should always carry in their bag to keep them safe during an earthquake.

Protein Bars

Schools may have fully stocked kitchens, but a lot of this food will be inedible without power. It may also be hard to get to the cafeteria after a destructive earthquake. Since you never want to worry about your child going hungry, they need to carry a few protein bars in their backpack at all times. Protein bars are the ideal food in emergency situations because they provide a lot of nourishment despite their small size. Just make sure your kid knows the protein bars are for emergencies and should be eaten then.

Warm Blanket

A strong earthquake is going to easily knock out the power to the school. This may force your kid to spend several hours in an unheated building. Schools may not be equipped to give out blankets to every student, so the only way you can ensure your child stays warm is by having them take a blanket in their kit. In addition to providing warmth, the blanket can also serve as a soft place to sit while your kid stays protected from falling debris.

Small Flashlight

The entire school will eventually have to leave the building once the earthquake is over. This is going to be a lot easier to do if everyone can see where they are going. Light can be hard to come by if the electricity and generators fail, so your child should always carry a small flashlight in their bag. Get your kid even more prepared by discussing escape routes and the structural integrity of the building. Learning how professionals, like those with an online civil engineering masters degree, built the school to help withstand earthquakes may reassure your child.

It can be tough to think about your child dealing with a natural disaster without you, but it is the only way to keep them safe at all times. It is simply much better to be over-prepared for the unexpected than have your kid clueless and scared if an earthquake happens to hit while they are at school.

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