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3 Sensible Ways To Make More Room For Your Next Child

There is almost nothing more exciting in life than having a new baby. The happiness they bring makes it a labor of love to make space for them in your home. Ideally, you would already have plenty of room already with a special space for the newest addition, but, If you need more space than you have, here are a few sensible ways to go about finding it.

Combine Or Repurpose Rooms

One of your children may not mind sharing their room with their infant sibling. In the first years of your new baby’s life, you could fit the crib into one side of their big sister’s or big brother’s room and bring in a bed for the new child when they are older. This option is often best reserved for the child with the most patience and maturity, as sharing space with a baby can be a bit of a challenge at first.

If you must have a separate nursery room, bunk beds are another great solution for combining the other children’s rooms, since they take up the same amount of space as a single bed, and are often a pretty fun sleeping arrangement. The extra space in the room can be used to fit separate shelves, dressers, or whatever the two sharers need to coexist happily.

Another option is turning a small sewing room or study into a nursery room. This can be a good starting point, but it’s important to remember that kids grow fast and may outgrow the confines of a room that only just fits their crib sooner than you expect.

Build an Addition to Your Existing House

You may need to take out a loan or refinance to afford this option, but if you are happy with your current home and you would rather opt to upgrade, building additional rooms onto your existing floor plan can be a reasonable solution that may even make your home value go up. You can design the new portion of your home exactly as you’d like it to meet your needs, whether it’s just a single bedroom or a completely new wing of the house. It can be a small DIY project or a larger contract project, but, either way, it can afford you enough room to stay in the home you have with the people you love.

Consider Moving Into a House With Higher Square Footage

Moving into a larger house is likely the most expensive solution, but may be the most sensible depending on the size of your family. Surely it’s important to be reasonable about the size of the home, but it’s also important to consider your family’s future as you shop.

If you’re planning on a few more kids, and you can afford it, getting a home large enough to accommodate your current and future family is a great idea. If you’re thinking smaller, then you might find a house with a little bit more room than you absolutely need (just in case) so your family can live comfortably. If you have specific needs, it’s a good idea to hire professional help like Jeff Glover & Associates Realtors near you to find the right place.

Any new addition to the family is exciting, but it’s important to have a place to put them when they come. Whether you opt for getting cozy and sharing, building onto your existing place, or moving to a new one, the important thing is that your family is happy and comfortable at home.

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