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3 Steps to Take for Full Child Custody Amidst a Divorce

Your children are your life, and you do not want a partner who is not supportive to have full custody. This can make it harder for you to move to another state with your child or visit other countries in the future. You want this legal status because it will make your life as a parent much easier. The following are three steps you need to take to improve your chances of winning full custody amidst a divorce.

Hire an Expert

One of the most important steps you need to take is to hire an expert in divorce and child custody such as Kelm & Reuter, P.A. An attorney who has been dealing with these types of cases should be able to provide advice that might be helpful to you right now. Make sure that the person you end up choosing has experience in similar cases by asking to see records of previous cases. You might also want to see third-party references from past customers to make sure this lawyer is right for you.

Meet All Needs

The next thing you want to concentrate on is finding ways to meet your child’s needs. The court is going to favor the parent who can provide for the child in a way that does not disrupt life. For example, the parent who can show that he or she can take the child to school and pick the child up on time may get more favor.

The parent that can ensure that the child can stay in the same school and attend the activities he or she normally does will be favored. It may even be a good idea to bring a detailed visitation schedule to show the judge that you truly care about your child since you are willing to go the extra mile to have your ex see the child.

Prove Your Dedication

Another vital step to take is to gather all the information or evidence you have of your sacrifices. A good example is letting go of a promotion or a job opportunity to have a schedule that keeps you at home longer. You are a parent, and you have probably made other sacrifices, so try to find documentation proving this. Be sure to include proof that your ex has not made those type of sacrifices, which should help convince a judge to side with you.

Hopefully, taking these steps helps guarantee your custody. Keep in mind that, in court, nothing is certain, so be ready for any outcome, but do your best to improve your odds.

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