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3 Strategies To Help Your Children Develop Healthy Hygiene Habits

From bathing to brushing the teeth, there are a few hygiene habits that your child might seem to neglect during the week. It’s important to teach your child about healthy habits at a young age so that they can carry over to the teen years and into adulthood. Not only are you helping to keep your child clean and healthy, you’re also preventing your child from getting picked on by classmates as other children can sometimes be cruel to others who aren’t as clean as they are or who might not smell the same.

Fun Methods

Young children often do better with games and a fun approach when it comes to learning about cleaning the body and the teeth. A reward system is also a good idea. Set a timer so that your child has to finish taking a bath before it goes off. You can use this same idea for brushing the teeth. Even if there’s something that your child needs to do that isn’t all that pleasant, such as blowing the nose, turn it into something fun, such as making it sound like an instrument. Dance around when you brush the teeth. Let your kids play with toys while taking a bath. If they know that staying clean can be fun, then they will want to keep up with these habits on a regular basis.

Visit Offices Young

There are a few professional offices that your child will need to see in life. One is a pediatrician to ensure that your child is growing normally. The pediatrician will also be able to administer proper vaccines and diagnose any issues that might arise with the health. The dentist, like those at Plymouth Valley Dental Group, is another professional who you’ll want to take your child to on a regular basis. Most of the time, you’re going to visit the dentist every six months. Find a dentist who your child is comfortable with, starting the visits around six months of age.


If you don’t exhibit good hygiene, then your children won’t follow in your footsteps. Read books about brushing the teeth or bathing with each other. Show your child how to properly brush the teeth and floss or how to keep the clothes clean. When they see you stay healthy, then they will want to be healthy as well. You also need to educate your children about what could happen if they don’t take care of the body.

Staying clean is a part of being healthy. Some children don’t always like to stay clean and would rather play in the dirt all day. However, as a parent, you need to exhibit good hygiene while teaching your children the best methods of staying clean so that they are healthy.

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