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3 Tips for Moms Struggling to Handle a Fussy Baby

Sometimes soothing your baby can be an easy process. Your baby is hungry, wet, dirty, or tired, and won’t go to sleep. Other times, figuring out what your baby wants can be a frustrating experience. There is no perfect remedy that can make every baby happy; however, many parents develop a list of things to try. Here are some ideas to add to your own list.

Know the Common Causes

Babies can be fussy for many reasons. If your baby is being fussy, go over the common causes. Common causes of a fussy baby can include hunger or needing a diaper change. If the common causes do not help, you can check if perhaps your baby is having digestion issues. If you recently switched to different baby formula, see if your baby perhaps prefers the original formula. If you had just enjoyed a spicy meal and then breastfed, perhaps changing your diet will help your little one. Diaper rash from a dirty or wet diaper is also one of the top reasons for fussiness. There are a number of baby creams, ointments, and powders that can be used to treat skin rashes.

In addition, according to Baucum Family Dentistry, babies usually begin getting teeth at about 6 months of age. Symptoms of teething include drooling, sore teeth and gums, irritability, chewing (on almost anything available), and often a low-grade fever. You can help ease the fussiness of a teething baby by using some teething toy or applying something cold like a cold washcloth to your baby’s gums.

Make the Baby Feel Secure

Your baby felt most secure when inside the womb. If there are no medical or any obvious reasons for a fussy baby, try giving your baby an extra sense of protection. According to Romper, swaddle blankets can help keep your baby securely held. Securing your baby across your chest so that your baby can have skin-to-skin contact and hear your heartbeat is also a great way to calm a fussy baby.

Play Some Music or White Noise

Babies cry a lot in order to communicate with those around them. Sometimes the only way to calm them down is through trial and error, and every parent has their own list of tricks to try. One of the more subtle reasons for fussiness is the quietness of a room. Your baby is used to constant sounds. When your baby was in the womb, your baby was surrounded by your heartbeat, music you played, and your conversation with family. According to Happiest Baby, one way to recreate this environment is with some soft music or ambient sounds from a white noise machine. You can also try a white noise app or even a room fan.

A fussy baby can quickly cause anxiety to a worried parent. If your baby is being fussy, and there are no obvious signs of a medical emergency, run down your list of remedies. Many parents create a mental list of remedies such as swaddling, bouncing, rocking, gentle music, pacifiers, baby swings, and many others.

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