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3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Way To A Happy Home

3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Way To A Happy HomeLet’s face it, no one likes spring cleaning. But everyone loves the feeling they get after it’s done, when their home sparkles and shines like new again. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. Follow a weekly schedule to clean your home from top to bottom, or just do the essentials – whichever way you choose to clean your home, find what works for you and stick to it. Here are a few ways to spring clean your way to a happy home.

Deep Clean Your Home

Sometimes your home just needs a thorough deep clean, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while. Target frequently neglected areas, like cleaning behind appliances, wiping down kitchen cupboards, or cleaning disposals and drains. Dust for spider webs, and clean out that sliding glass door track. There are countless deep cleaning schedules online, so find one that fits in your time frame and get it done. Deep cleaning your home will ensure that years of grime and dirt don’t build up, will minimize the growth of harmful bacteria, and will keep your home feeling like new.

Organize Your Home

Another way to spring clean some happiness back into your home after a dreary winter is to re-organize everything that has become disorganized over the past year. Go through every closet in your home and organize it. Get rid of items that are no longer needed, box up kids clothing that no longer fits, and invest in some dollar store totes to group and categorize. Organization is key to having a clean home, and also helps minimize stress.

Inspect Your Home for Mold or Water Damage

Thawing temperatures can sometimes expose problems that were hidden when the world was frozen. In the spring, homes can start to show a variety of underlying problems, everything from leaky basements, to leaky roofs, to mold problems. Do a thorough walk-through of your home and examine it for any leaks, mold, or mildew. If you have any concerns, companies like First General Services can usually tell you what to look for, or check it out for you. Checking for water damage and mold can give you peace of mind, knowing your home is a safe place for your family to dwell.

Springtime is the perfect time to shake off the dust of winter and breathe some sunshine back into your home. While spring cleaning is never really a highlight on anyone’s calendar, it does give you a chance to give some areas of your home a much needed scrub down. So invest in some good rubber gloves, get down on your hands and knees and spring clean some happiness into your home.

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