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3 Ways Your Home’s Location May Be Covertly Costing You Money

Homes are expensive to own. While everyone knows the usual costs related to mortgages and repairs, few realize that homes can cause owners to lose money without their knowledge. Below are just three of the ways that your home might be costing your money without your knowledge.

Insurance Rates

Car and home insurance rates are calculated by using a number of factors. One of the factors that is commonly used is the location of the home or where the car is parked. As such, you might find your house costing you money every month just by dint of what it takes to keep you insured. There’s very little you can do to combat the loss of money due to insurance, especially if your car requires a specific type of coverage or you are forced to buy a certain type of home owner’s policy. The only way to start saving on the policies is to find discounts – and even that might end up costing you in the long run.

Hot Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods go in and out of fashion as time goes by. Your home can actually start to lose value simply by being located at the wrong address at the wrong time. If the other side of town starts to become popular, you’ll find that the value of your house will start to drop. The good news is that the trends can sometimes reverse, but the bad news is that most people don’t have time to wait for this to happen. When your neighborhood’s popularity starts to cool off, it’s probably better to find a realtor like those at RE/MAX Integrity to sell sooner rather than later.

New Zoning

Another way your home might be losing your money is due to another factor outside of your control. If zoning has changed near your neighborhood, you might soon be dealing with a variety of issues that will lower your property value. It’s unlikely that you’ll be dealing with a landfill or airport, but building a new highway near your home can add noise and reduce the status of the neighborhood. There’s little you can do to stop this, but you can talk to a realtor about moving before your property value starts to fall.

Don’t let your home drain your bank account. If you can’t combat these passive money losers, it might be time to find a new place to live. With the help of a realtor, you might be able to find a home that will stop damaging your earnings.

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