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4 Add-Ons for Your Home that Can Create a Sense of Familial Unity

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find quality time with family and friends. Screen-obsessed children and overworked friends begin to drift further away. One way to keep your relationships alive is to expand and modify your home, giving you the perfect reason to have a night in or throw a party to bring your fragmented social circle back together. You should concentrate on additions that involve fun social activities that everyone will enjoy.

Play with Fire

There is no better place to dial down the distractions than by the side of a roaring outdoor fire. Humans relied on these types of fires for thousands of years, so it makes sense to recreate that cozy feeling in your backyard by building a fire pit. There are many different kinds of fire pits, from simple brick fire-burning pits to raised stone behemoths powered by gas and surrounded by comfortable patio furniture. You may even decide to use an easy-to-clean, movable steel fire pit. Cool evenings become full of fun and socialization when you gather around a fire pit to make s’mores, tell ghost stories, or spot your favorite constellations in the sky.

Beat the Heat

Few home additions are more popular than swimming pools. Everyone in your neighborhood will want to beat the heat by splashing around in your outdoor pool. There is a reason why over 8 million new private pools were installed in 2015 alone. Best of all, custom swimming pools can be installed in yards of virtually any size. Cookouts, pool parties, and luaus are only some of the fun events you can host around pools to bring your family and friends together in one place. Once you decide on what size pool you want, you can then design your pool area to match. Whether you build a shallow pool for some relaxation or opt for a full-sized pool with a 9-foot depth, you will find entertainment and fun.

Ahead of the Game

Sometimes a little old-fashioned fun is the best way to reconnect. You can spend quality time with your loved ones in a specially designed game room. Make sure to include a roomy table for board games and card games. If your game room is big enough, you can also play indoor sports like ping pong or pool. Add a foosball table for extra oomph. If your gaming interests skew a little more modern, you can craft a fabulous set up with comfortable couches and giant screens to play your favorite video games. You can even find old consoles and games for low prices online and in thrift stores; this will give your gaming cave a retro flair.

The Big Screen

Nothing brings people more joy than the movies, and a home movie theater will definitely pull your family together. Enjoying your favorite films in the comfort of your own home and eating popcorn from a theater-style popcorn maker may seem like heaven, but they are completely doable with a little time and money. When building your home theater, it’s important to invest in a nice sound system and high-quality projector and project screen. Acoustics are key in a home movie theater, so make sure to balance cushy seating out with hard, nonabsorbent walls and flooring. Lighting should also be minimal in your home movie theater; any excess light will distract from the screen.

By adding on extra additions to your home you can lure your kids away from their phones, reconnect with old friends and enjoy your life to the fullest. Whether you want to revel in the outdoors or enjoy yourself inside, there are plenty of remodeling projects that will fit the bill.

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