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4 Backyard Games That Won’t Shatter Your Window

Finding fun, new games to play outdoors with your friends and family is a great way to pass time, and it can also help you to take your parties and events to the next level. Not to mention, spending more time outdoors can have many positive effects on your mental and physical health. For example, it can help to improve your memory, reduce stress and inflammation, and improve your ability to focus. There are also many positive benefits of playing games. Games help to improve your coordination and problem-solving skills and enhance your memory, coordination, and social skills. Why not reap these excellent benefits and begin engaging in more fun outdoor games with the people in your life? Lastly, you will want to ensure that you are purchasing games that won’t cause potential damage to your home or windows, such as baseball or softball, because home window replacement can be rather costly!


Kubb is a fantastic game that is similar to bowling. In Kubb, wooden blocks, called kubbs, are knocked down using batons. The game requires two teams to compete against each other and typically a winner is chosen based on which team wins two out of three games.


Jenga is a classic game played all throughout the world, which involves carefully removing pieces from a stack of wooden blocks and then placing the removed piece on the top of the tower. If someone causes the tower to fall, this person loses the game and the last person to successfully complete their move is declared the winner. Jenga GIANT adheres to these same rules. However, this game is an enlarged version that can be played outdoors.


KanJam is an incredibly fun two-player game in which the objective is to toss flying discs into goals shaped as cans. This game originated in Buffalo in the 1980-1990s and was originally known as Garbage Can Frisbee. It has quickly spread, making it a very popular and enjoyable game!


Molkky is an interesting throwing game that originated in Finland in the 90s. It is meant to be played outdoors on a lawn. The objective of the game is to use a wooden pin to knock over other pins that are numbered. The amount of points you score is determined by the number located on the pins you knock down. It is a great way to pass time and get your friends and family to spend more time outside!

Overall, the aforementioned games are incredibly fun activities that can help to bring your loved ones closer and can help to make your parties and get-togethers more memorable. Spending more time outdoors engaging in activities that require you to use your decision-making skills and coordination can have many benefits. Not to mention, you might even be able to burn a few calories!

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