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4 Challenges Kids Face When Moving & How to Help Them Transition

The relocation process can be an understandably challenging one. When a family moves, they’re uprooting their life as they know it and beginning a new routine. If you’ve developed a strong routine as a family for years, it can be tough to come to terms with it all. This is especially true for children. Look out for these four challenges your children might face when it’s time to move.

Missing Their Old Friends

It’s important for children to create bonds and form healthy relationships with others. Most people aren’t used to saying goodbye to people they’ve grown to love and see on a daily basis. In childhood, a move is one of the first ways a child experiences the difficulty of saying goodbye. Find ways to help your children keep in touch with their friends. Take advantage of tools like FaceTime and Skype to help your children stay in touch with their old friends.

Having to Make New Friends

In many cases, children are concerned about making new friends in new environments. The best way to change that is through finding new activities to help them thrive. If your child is an avid swimmer, find a local swim league and enroll your child. As they become immersed in new activities, they’re bound to make new friends.

Messing up Their Routine

Between living out of boxes and traveling to the new location, moving can be stressful. While you can foresee certain hiccups, you can make sure to plan ahead. Moving companies are great for taking care of the laborious parts of the transition. Find ways to create manageable rhythms during the transition. Whether it’s a movie on the iPad each night before bed or enjoying a trip to the park every day, find ways to create some routine in the midst of the mayhem.

Changing Schools

Call ahead and speak to the administrators of the new schools your children will be attending. Work with the teachers and staff so that you all are a team that helps the children transition well. Do everything in your power to make sure they have a positive experience.

If you want to really help your children make it through a move well, understand that that the concept is relative. For one child, making it through a move well might mean that they opened up and cried about the change. For another child, making it through a move well might mean that they found creative outlets to cope with the change. Never compare children and give each one space to process and communicate their emotions in a safe space.

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