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4 Dangerous Sports Teen Boys Love & How to Protect Them

4 Dangerous Sports Teen Boys Love & How to Protect ThemMany teenage boys are drawn to sports that are known to be particularly dangerous. You can protect your teenage son who engages in these sports by taking proper precautions. Here are some of the most dangerous sports for teenage boys along with injury prevention tips:


Some high schools feature lacrosse teams that encourage boys to participate. This fun sport also has a reputation for being dangerous due to the increased risks for collisions and leg injuries. According to, approximately one out of every 10 lacrosse injuries is classified as a concussion. Direct hits to the chest can result in cardiac arrest. To keep your son better protected, you should encourage him to wear hockey gloves, rib pads and a helmet with a mask.

Speed Skating

Whether it’s done on ice or in inline skates, speed skating attracts many thrill-seekers who enjoy staring in the face of danger. The crashes and falls that are associated with this sport often result in concussions, broken bones and major bruises. Lacerations may additionally occur if a blade on an ice speed skate cuts the skin. Helmets, knee pads and elbow pads can be worn to prevent certain injuries. Your son should also be working with a coach who teaches the proper ways to pass an opponent safely.


If your teenage son likes motorcycles, chances are he’s a fan of motocross. He may be inspired to try this daring sport due to its speed and high-flying action. If he ends up losing control of his bike, he may sustain injuries like ACL and rotator cuff tears along with collar bone breaks and wrist and ankle sprains. Wearing a helmet and knee braces may prevent some of these injuries. Your son should also be riding with safe gear from a reputable provider, like Bob’s Cycle & Snowmobile Supply.


This cousin of American football has grown increasingly popular in recent years among teenage boys. Unlike in football, rugby players don’t wear a lot of protective gear, which makes them further susceptible to injuries. Spinal cord injuries are of particular concern in rugby. There are head, forearm and bicep guards for rugby that can sometimes decrease the chances of getting hurt. It’s also a good idea to get a mouth guard for your son to protect his teeth from damage.

If your teenage boy insists on participating in any of these sports, make sure he’s prepared. Having the right equipment and knowing how to prevent injuries can keep him safer on the playing field.

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