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4 Educational Opportunities Your Child Should Participate in This Year

Education has changed in the last few decades. Gone are the days when learning happened between September and June, with summers spent doing absolutely nothing. Today, educational opportunities abound year-round, and many are far outside the box of traditional education. Take a look at these four educational opportunities.

Creative Arts Program

The creative arts, including art and music, are quickly fading from many traditional education outlets. Finding an outside source that provides the opportunity to explore drawing, painting, dancing, writing music, or whatever catches your child’s interests can provide him or her with an opportunity to broaden their horizons. It also has a significant effect on how the brain works and can improve grades and education all the way around. These activities can be done as part of after school programs or during the out-of-school seasons.

Library Children’s Programs

Public libraries typically offer a wealth of after school and summer programs that can expand your child’s education in many ways. From art to music to community service and volunteering, library programs run the gamut with their offerings. Many libraries also offer opportunities that involve the whole family, such as game or movie days. Some incorporate special interests, such as building blocks or comics.

Summer School

When most people think of summer school, they think of making up a failed class. Yet, a summer school, like the one that Miniapple International Montessori School puts on, can go beyond that stereotype. Summer school can provide the opportunity to explore other interests that they don’t have time for during the typical school year. For students who are on par with their education, it can even potentially help children get ahead academically.

Summer Camps

There are many summer camps to choose from. You can find day camps or sleepaway camps—ones that cater to special interests and ones that are generic and geared toward fun. Regardless of their details, most tend to offer something of educational value. This is often done in ways that are not only unexpected but that kids don’t even notice. Look for local outlets, such as a skating rink that offers a single-day camp to teach rollerblading, or a bowling alley offering a week-long camp with unlimited bowling. You can also take a look at camps offered by local charter schools, clubs and organizations.

Educational opportunities don’t have to involve sitting behind a desk for hours on end. Look outside the classroom for unique ways to expand your child’s schooling. Encourage your child to look over this list with you and choose something that you both feel excited to explore.

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