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4 Elements to Discuss With Parents When Finding Them a Senior Living Home

Have you noticed that Dad forgets to turn the oven off or that Mom falls in the bathtub more often? Everyone dreads having the assisted living conversation with their parents, but there comes a time when living at home is too risky for our aging loved ones. Here are four key elements to discuss with your parents when it’s time to consider moving them to a safer housing option.

What Is Their Budget?

Although it would nice if money were never a consideration for elder care, your parents’ budget will play a major role in the facility you choose for them. Add up all their resources from savings, social security and insurance to formulate a budget and always err on the longer side when calculating how many years of care you anticipate. Even those in what seems to be poor health can live long and fulfilling lives, which means you’ll want them to have every resource possible available to them during all the years of their retirement. If you need to stretch your dollars further, consider working with a financial advisor or even a stock broker to help manage your parent’s retirement money so that it can continue to earn and fight against inflation.

What Are Their Needs?

Are your parents active seniors who need a little help with daily tasks, or do they suffer from complicated medical issues that require around-the-clock care? The kind of assistance your parents need is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a senior living facility. Because needs change as senior citizens grow older, look for a place that offers everything from retirement apartments to full-time nursing care.

Where Do They Want to Live?

Do your parents want to stay close to family, or would they rather spend their golden years in a scenic location? Although you may want to keep your parents close, their plans may be different. Try not to argue about location or force your parents to accept a facility they don’t like just to keep them close. If better options are available further from home than they’d like, make visit plans with them and schedule videocalls so that the distance doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker.

Are They Comfortable With the Staff?

Your parents will be spending a lot of time each day with the staff at their assisted living facility, so it’s important for them to feel comfortable. Do your research and make sure all the staff are certified and well-trained. If one or both of your parents requires personal care like bathing and dressing, they may prefer to have a staff member of the same gender to assist them.

While it can be tempting to visit constantly once your parents are moved into their new home, remember to give them time and space to settle in. It’s okay to visit and spend quality time with your parents, but try not to smother them. However, it may be wise to spend more time at the facility if your parents have critical health issues to ensure they are receiving proper care.

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