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4 Factors That May Keep Your Teen from Wanting to Go to School

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to ensure that your teens get the education they need to succeed in the real world. Part of ensuring a proper education is having them attend mandated school. If you find that your teen keeps coming up with excuses for why they don’t want to go to school, here are four factors that may be the root cause of their hesitation.

Performance-Based Issues

No one really likes being stuck doing something that they’re not great at. If your teenager is having issues with their performance in school, it can be a reason for their constant desire not to go. It’s important to stay current with your teen’s teachers to determine their grades and identify if there are performance issues in specific classes.


We all know that the teenage years tend to be the hardest as we discover our looks and start entering the dating world. As teens find themselves comparing their bodies to others, they may discover problems that can contribute to a lowered self-esteem. Some of these problems may be their weight or their smile. Do yourself a favor and discover what specifically is bothering your child. If it’s something like their smile, then schedule them an appointment with the best orthodontist in NYC to remedy the problem.

Social Anxiety

You likely remember at least one instance from high school where you had to give a presentation in front of the whole class or multiple classes. This can be an anxious experience for anyone. Your teen may not know productive ways for handling social anxiety issues. You can help them to research solutions to these social anxiety issues and work with them to employ these solutions in their everyday life.


This is probably one of the first reasons you consider when your teen attempts to skip out on school. Bullying can be a real problem and it’s likely not something that your child wants to admit is going on. Taking a proactive approach and speaking with teachers about potential issues can assist you in determining a solution to stop the harassment.

Teenage children can keep your hands full. They sometimes can seem like a Rubik’s Cube that you have to solve to get an answer out of them. If you find that your teenager just doesn’t want to go to school, it’s a good idea to check a little deeper into the four factors above as one or more of these issues are your likely culprit.

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