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4 Family Activities to Try Out During Quarantine

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We’re Stuck At Home, Now What?

The “new normal” of the Coronavirus is keeping many families at home right now, but that doesn’t have to mean a mandatory case of the blues. Yes, we need to get our work, school and home responsibilities taken care of, but that still leaves many hours of the day unaccounted for and available. Instead of turning to our individual respective screens, let’s take a chance on a new family activity that could very well be a fantastic time! Read on to get inspired.

Cook Together, And Cook Separately

Cooking as a team or a group can be a bonding experience, but it isn’t for everybody, every night. However, cooking should most certainly be a skill that is learned and shared in the home. It is important to have balance and to be able to cook alongside your child, showing them the way and keeping them safe. It’s also a good idea to give the responsibility of preparing a solo meal to kids who are ready for it and excited to cook a bit on their own.

Great meal ideas for all ages:

  • Tacos
    These can be veggie- or meat-centric, and they should come with all the trimmings, which need to be individually cleaned, sorted and chopped.
  • Toad In The Hole
    This recipe is easy for kids and is also an easy intro task to learn about cooking on the stovetop. Essentially, it is a fried egg in a slice of bread.
  • Pasta
    Boiling water, making noodles and heating sauce are great for beginners. Prepping and simmering a tomato sauce from scratch is perfect for intermediates.

Make Game Night A Nightly Experience

We used to call it Game Night because it was more of a novelty to come together and play Twister and Trivial Pursuit for the evening. Now, with more time at home, we could really “up the ante” on gaming and try a new approach: A little game time each night! Test out different intra-family team combinations, consider setting a timer each night on longer games and continuing on the next evening, or make it a points competition by playing one game, like gin rummy, for an entire week and tallying the overall winner by cumulative points.

Some game ideas for all ages:

  • Littler ones will enjoy playing Chutes & Ladders or Sorry while they are beginning to think about strategy and mastering counting.
  • Older kids might enjoy playing Clue or Monopoly as they are working on independent thought and critical thinking.
  • Try Skip Bo or Uno for those who prefer card games.

Check Out Each Family Member’s Daily Horoscope

This is a super fun and quick activity that you can easily begin today. A good time is directly after breakfast because you are gearing up for the day ahead and have a nice belly of food.

Designate someone to be the day’s narrator and then go through the family members one-by-one, reading their daily horoscope and having an open dialogue about it. This is good for a general family check-in as well as some interesting ideas to ponder throughout the day. Enjoy!

Encourage Creativity in Your Kids

Time to pull out the Halloween costume box! Start by helping your kids pick out some props or get your crafts out for them to make their own. You can get them started on creating their own play for you while you take some time to make dinner. Consider giving them the foundation of the storyline if they can’t agree on one together. This keeps your kids highly entertained and preoccupied while you have some time to put together a nice homemade meal. Plus, it encourages good communication and bonding time between siblings. After you eat as a family, have them perform their play for you. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to remember it by!

Take Heart….

This will not last forever, so don’t let the stay-at-home recommendations bring doom and gloom down upon your household. Take this as an opportunity to make some more memories – and maybe even some new family habits – and try to keep an open mind. Remember to take your space throughout the day as well because everyone benefits from solitude, but give togetherness its due chance. At the very least, you’ll have some laughs along the way!

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