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4 Financial Resources that Could Help Pay for Your Family Member’s Funeral

When your family member has died, you may not be in the ideal state of mind to be making financial decisions. However, funeral expenses can be very high, so you do need to take a little time to consider how you will pay for the funeral. There are a few different financial resources that can help you to pay for the funeral.

Federal Aid

There are a variety of federal organizations that focus on giving aid for funeral expenses. Spouses can get a death benefit from Social Security, and there are other types of special assistance for veterans, government employees, and members of other special groups. Federal aid can be helpful, but they normally only provide small amounts.

Grants for Special Circumstances

Depending on the way your loved one died, you may be able to talk to other government departments about getting a special grant for funeral expenses. Most of these grants are called Special Tragic Circumstances grants. In the event of a sudden or even wrongful death due to crimes, negligence, or natural disasters, seeking financial compensation may be necessary in order to avoid financial strain during the years to come. Check with your local police department and the Department of Justice if your family member died during a crime. If the death occurred during a natural disaster FEMA or other national victim relief associations might provide grants.

Charitable Assistance

Never underestimate the power of charity when it comes to funeral expenses. Most communities sympathize with those going through this sort of tough time, so they are willing to help out during your time of need. Churches and other charitable organizations may be able to provide some help, or your friends and family might be able to help you organize a car wash or other charity drive.

State Aid

The main sources of assistance for funeral expenses are done on a state and county level. Applying for assistance through these sort of programs typically involves writing hardship letters requesting help with a loved one’s funeral. You may need to offer proof of eligibility in the form of pay stubs, bank statements, and other income documents.

Budgeting for a funeral can be quite difficult. However, there are plenty of people willing to help out families in need during this tragic experience. By taking a little time to seek assistance with various organizations, you can get the help you need to make sure your family member’s funeral and burial go according to plan.

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