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4 Forgotten Spaces of Your Home to Sanitize Before Flu Season

The flu season is here, and it’s already affecting people everywhere. Since prevention is the best way to head off the virus before getting sick, it is important to clean your home thoroughly to remove germs from family members who may be unknowingly bringing them home or from guests who visit during the holiday season. Don’t forget to sanitize areas like the following that are often overlooked.

HVAC System

You may think that changing your home’s furnace filter twice a year is adequate for maintaining clean air, but more maintenance might be needed. Both the furnace and central air conditioner could benefit from an inspection by experts who provide furnace and air conditioning maintenance services. Many homeowners schedule a yearly assessment of their HVAC system to ensure everything is running correctly and efficiently.

If problems are found, they can often be repaired at a reasonable cost with minimal inconvenience. Keeping your home’s air clean and fresh can play a major role in protecting loved ones’ health, especially during the flu season.

Air Ducts

If your home’s air ducts have not been cleaned for years, or ever, the ducts may be clogged with dust and debris that can catch and harbor viral germs. The HVAC system might be cleaned and working well, but if the ducts are dirty, the flu may be thriving in the dark, warm, sometimes-moist conditions. Professional duct cleaners can remove and sanitize the duct system in your home to help keep it free of dirt and germs.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks

Although most homeowners routinely clean their kitchen counters, appliances, and equipment, the sinks may get overlooked due to the fact that water pours through them often several times daily. Some might think that a quick rinse of water and a wipe with a cloth, and the sinks are clean. But the opposite is true for those who rinse meat and fresh vegetables in the sink and then fail to thoroughly clean and disinfect it afterward. The same is true for the bathroom sink. We scrub the toilets and the tub, but does the sink get the same amount of effort? Due to frequent touch, faucets are often polluted with germs that can be readily passed among various family members. Sanitize the sink along with the other areas of these rooms.


It is easy to forget doorknobs, but they need cleaning, too. They are one of the most frequently touched and shared areas of a home. Antibacterial wipes can be made available in each room so everyone can clean their hands or the knobs before using them. Wiping down the doors occasionally is also a good idea.

Taking precautions like these can reduce the risk of spreading flu germs in your home. Don’t focus exclusively on the obvious areas where germs collect. Clean all the known spaces where the flu may be hiding.

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