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4 Fun And Unique Gifts You Can Get Your Dad For His Next Birthday That Won’t Break The Bank

Dads are often the most important men in our lives. Unfortunately, they are also notoriously difficult to shop for. After all, what do you give the man who served as a superhero all through your childhood, a villain during your teenage years, and your best friend ever since?

Here are four fun and unique present ideas, sure to show your dad just how much he means to you.

1. Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Take a page out of The Lego Movie’s book for Dad’s birthday this year—the best way to express your love for the guy is to turn him in to a Lego character. Whether your father belongs in a miniature armchair or soaring through the house on a scale model of the Millennium Falcon, nothing says “you’re the greatest” like a toy modelled after the birthday boy.

You can order individual bricks and pieces directly from the Lego Store to create a perfect (albeit small and yellow) replica of your dad and his natural habitat, or commission a custom-made figurine (complete with instructions to help Dad assemble himself).

2. The Right to Keep and Bear (Toy) Arms

For the dad who is well aware of his Second Amendment rights (and more than happy to use household objects for target practice), look for a present that will hone his skills as a marksman (without trashing the whole house).

Put together a marshmallow shooter out of PVC pipe, get dad a Nerf sniper rifle for his top secret missions, or give him an alarm clock he can actually shoot when it wakes him up early on Saturday.

3. You Can Never Have too Much Class

If Dad’s a bit of a dandy, then the tools he uses in his morning routine are just important as how looks when he’s finished. Consider one (or a combination) of the following:

  • Old fashioned straight razors for the perfect shave (like these from Vintage Blades)
  • A pants press—giving your dad that “straight from the cleaners” look every day (without giving your mom extra ironing work)
  • A kit that combines his favorite cologne, shaving cream, and hair products (if your dad’s a brand name kind of guy, pick up a kit from his favorite department store, or find a nice case and put the perfect kit together yourself)
  • You can’t go wrong with a tie (take a look at your dad’s collection to figure out his color and pattern preferences)
  • A specialized shaving tool (like a nose hair trimmer or back shaver)

4. Words, Words, Words

For the frequent flier, closet intellectual, and Sunday afternoon reader, few presents are as satisfying (or well-loved) as a good book. If Dad is rarely found without a book in his hand (or tucked into his back pocket), check out these dad-friendly genres:

  • Trivia: For the man who loves to learn new things about his world, wry humor and obscure facts are the way to go. Grab a book like The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance (an exploration of odd laws) or What If? (the definitive answers to those nagging “who would win in a fight?” and “what would happen if?” questions).
  • History: History buffs come in all shapes and sizes—from film aficionados to aspiring Civil War re-enactors to pirate kings in comfort recliners. No matter where your dad lands on the scale, you can find a behind-the-scenes look, first person history, or groundbreaking analysis of his favorite time period.
  • Thrills: If Dad’s a fan of chills, thrills, and suspense, take a look at the current bestseller list to find the most intriguing, gripping murder mysteries and cop dramas on the shelves today.

Dad can be intimidating to shop for, but the task doesn’t have to stump you. Remember that the most important part of your gift is what it tells your dad. Make Dad feel valued and special this year by finding the gift that really says “you’re the best.”

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