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4 Fun Family Activities for the Weekends

Most families are busy with school, work, extracurricular activities, and social commitments during the week. But when the weekends roll around, it’s time for family fun. Since the same old activities like watching movies or playing video games can become monotonous, here are some ideas for trying something new.

Have a Meal Together

Go shopping online or at the supermarket for gourmet food ingredients and cook a special meal, with each person contributing part of it. For example, Dad could cook the main dish, Mom can arrange beverages and appetizers, with the kids preparing side dishes and dessert. Use decorative napkins and a tablecloth as well as playing soft background to set the mood. You can organize the gourmet meal around a theme, like ethnic cuisine, or a special event, such as a family member reaching a milestone. If your family isn’t big into cooking, you can also go out to eat together at a gourmet food market that everyone will enjoy.

Design Crafts

Pick up design supplies to create something useful and attractive. Each family member can make their own choice of item, like painting a birdhouse or making a tie-dye t-shirt. Alternately, everyone can make the same thing in their own style. Projects can be simple, like book covers for young children, or more complex, such as floral arrangements or woodworking for teenagers. Then have a contest to judge whose is best, or have a friend or neighbor do it, using video chat on your mobile phone if needed.

Make a Family Video

Write a five- or ten-minute script for a faux reality show, or bring to mimic a favorite television show or beloved film. Give everyone a part and put together costumes from old clothes or thrift store items. Designate someone as the camera person or take turns so everyone can have a role in the movie. Keep doing takes until you get the scene just the way you want it. Then share it with friends on Facebook or YouTube. Who knows; maybe you will birth a new series.

Read a Classic Story Aloud

Most people have at least one favorite book they love to read over and over. Or they might have one that they want to read but haven’t yet. Gather everyone in a comfortable area like the family room, prepare some snacks like popcorn or fresh veggies with dip, and take turns reading chapters aloud. Hearing the words spoken brings the story to life in a shared enjoyable experience.

Make the next weekend one to remember by planning a different kind of family activity. Choose something that everyone will like, and have fun expressing individual and shared creativity.

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