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4 Fun Ideas for Fall Family Pictures

Fall isn’t just a time for holidays and pumpkin spice lattes. This season also provides plenty of great photo opportunities for your family. Exercise a little creativity and you’ll capture some wonderful family bonding.

Imitate Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is one of many Halloween traditions. They also produce useful props for photo ops. Carve your pumpkins into faces both scary and sweet. Then see how closely your family can recreate those expressions themselves. Have your family hold up their masterpieces and make their spookiest snarl or toothiest grin. Turn it into a mini contest if you have younger children who might need extra incentive to participate. Reward them with some Halloween treats like candy.

Reconnect with Nature

Fall is harvest season for many areas. Incorporate that theme into another photo session. Find out what fall bounty looks like for your state. What fruits or crops are most common? Make that the centerpiece of your pictures. For example you can showcase your family apple picking or drinking cider together. Put your family front and center and let the leaves frame the photo. High quality photo printing will make those colors really pop. It makes for a fun family outing as well.

Get Matching with It

Coordinating outfits do not have to be cheesy. Dress your family in different washes of denim and complete the look with a variety of plaid shirts. Pose all together in one row from tallest person to smallest. Turn that into a rainbow feel: the plaid colors could go from the lightest pattern to the darkest, or vice versa. Maybe you all have your favorite rain or hiking boots. Sit with your legs straight out so those boots become the focus of the photo.

Head to the Forest

There’s something very autumnal about a grove of trees. Take advantage of the setting and give your photo a cozy look. Gather your family under some lower-hanging trees in a picnic scene. Huddle close. Perhaps you and your partner could be snuggling in the background as a nice frame for your children as they play. You could also make the photo more mystical like a fairy tale. Show everyone hiking and exploring together.

Of course you don’t have to follow all of these ideas right to the letter. Hopefully they give you some good inspiration the next time you grab that camera.

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