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4 Great Careers High School-Age Kids Should Investigate

As you or your teenage children work towards a high school diploma, you begin thinking about the future and a college education. There are a lot of choices for students today, depending on whether salary, benefits or service is your priority. Thankfully, you’ll find something for everyone.

Health Services

While the health industry is constantly changing, there is one aspect that never changes: people still need medical care. Teens should consider a career in health services if they’re looking for stability and opportunity. This doesn’t mean they have to attend college to be a doctor. Plenty of medical positions allow for a four-year or two-year degree or even on-the-job training.


There is always a need for good teachers. You can find a career working with kids of all ages or even adults if you pursue a master’s degree in education, or another similar field. You can get a master of arts in teaching or in special education if you want to work with those who need your help the most. You can even attend classes online to work around your life. You can specialize in subjects that interest you most, such as a music or history teacher. You also have the option to select an age group which appeals, such as elementary or even kindergarten for a more specific target.


If money is a motivator for your career choice, you will find a good career as an engineer. There are so many specialties in this field, you can find something that interests you. Expect to work hard as you start out in the career, but your income should reflect your dedication. Engineers are in demand in many industries, which should also provide a sense of job security.


If you want to spend very little time in school for your profession or maybe skip school altogether, you can learn a trade. Plumbers, electricians and HVAC repair people are always in need. They can command a good salary as they develop their reputation. You can begin by working for an established tradesman and work your way up to owning your own business. If independence and the ability to work in a specialized field are important to you, learning a skilled trade may be the ideal choice.

These are just four of the many career options for high school students today. You can find a profession which suits your interests and goals that will offer you many future opportunities.

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