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4 Great Resources for Adults Looking to Develop Career Skills

According to Forbes magazine, over 60 percent of employees report that they are not engaged at work. Being emotionally disconnected from work often happens when employees are dissatisfied with their current job or poorly suited for their position. However, employees can expand their future career opportunities through the following four resources.

Online Resources

Mind Tools is an excellent online resource that provides a variety of helpful career information. They provide advice and resources to help people manage their career, create a career strategy, identify job opportunities and even help people understand what inspires them. For example, career strategies can be developed through reviewing values, strengths and weaknesses and identifying which roles and responsibilities that the person gets excited about.

Local Support

There are local chambers of commerce and business alliances that offer unique support and educational opportunities. They typically offer free classes to help adults develop and expand their knowledge and career skills. These professional development opportunities are great for both learning and networking.

Adults will find specialized classes to meet their educational needs because chambers of commerce generally offer classes that support local business development. Therefore, there will be classes related to hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, nursing homes and small businesses. For example, there could be a class about how to manage a catering business or perform accounting tasks for a small deli.

The Small Business Association

The Small Business Association (SBA) is the federal agency tasked with helping America’s small businesses achieve long-term success. They offer a variety of resources to help small business owners that are available free of charge to the public. For example, their Learning Center features over 60 online classes that teach everything from sales to market research to pricing models.

Any adult can carefully study these classes and improve their business competency. However, the SBA also offers assistance through their local offices, SCORE chapters, Business Development Centers and other facilities. Here, adults can find opportunities for free business classes and face-to-face counseling and mentoring.

Community College

Local community colleges offer excellent career development resources. For example, adult students can take helpful business classes in order to improve their communication skills and business acumen. However, leadership, salesmanship and project management classes may also be helpful. In addition to this, trade and technical schools offer students priceless vocational skills at affordable prices. There are even non-profit technical schools like Newgate School that specifically help low-income young adults gain an education.

Overall, there are many great resources available for working adults to improve their career skills. There are online resources and local resources, such as the SBA, chambers of commerce and local technical schools.

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