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4 Gun Safety Rules You Must Follow if You Have Kids in the House

Gun ownership is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Every family has the right to protect themselves from the threat of criminals and other forces. However, there are some dangers inherent in owning a gun. If you own a gun and have children, safety should be your main priority. There are some easy gun rules to adopt in your household to prevent an unimaginable tragedy.

Never Touch a Gun

Teach your kids to get an adult immediately if they see a gun. There’s no reason that a child should ever pick up any weapon. Many young children will believe that a gun is a toy and grab it without hesitation. Don’t buy your children any toys that resemble a gun because they can easily be confused with a real gun.

Keep Guns Unloaded

In the unlikely event that your child finds a gun, you can prevent an accident by keeping it unloaded. Your child should also treat all firearms as if they are loaded. Teach your child to always keep their fingers off of the trigger. Also, also, they should know to never point the gun at another person, and always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. A “safe direction” means the gun is pointed in a fashion that a discharge would not cause fatal injury.

Safe Storage

Guns should always be stored in lock boxes or gun safes, and ammunition should be stored separately. Keep the keys in a private location, so kids are not able to locate them quickly. Never store guns inside of your car either. Kids are always curious and good at finding things adults keep hidden. A gun retail store will sell many options to store your guns safely. Show your kids the safe or storage unit, and instruct them never to touch it.

Get to Know Your Child’s Friends

Your children should know that if they want to visit a friend’s home, you need to talk to that friend’s parents first. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask if the house your child is playing at has guns and if they are safely stored. If you are at all skeptical, invite your child’s friend to come play at your home instead. Always be aware of where your kids are located as they play in the house. Kids love to explore different parts of the house, so create boundaries for your kids and make sure their friends know the house rules.

Keeping your kids safe around firearms requires basic common sense and some simple safety measures. Most accidents occur from a result of being nonchalant and inattentive. Make sure your children know basic gun safety and rules of if and how to handle guns. Also always ensure that your firearms are stored safely out of reach. These ways, you can keep your family safe.

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