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4 High-Adventure Hobbies for the Frugal Family

4 High-Adventure Hobbies for the Frugal FamilyIt’s a common misconception that frugality equals boredom, and many families are finding more ways to have fun, find adventure and bond with each other every day. A few of the most heart-pumping, daring activities don’t take much to enjoy, outside of courage and resourcefulness. Here are some high-adventure hobbies that frugal families will enjoy.


Spending the day walking doesn’t take more than a well-planned picnic in a backpack and some good quality walking/hiking shoes. And there are free, accessible trails all over, at state parks, behind your yard and around schools, just be sure you’re not trespassing. To increase the adventure aspect, why not explore a popular swampland (like The Florida Everglades, which has many public bridges and paths) or climb a mountain? Reaching the lofty heights of a summit will also be rewarding, and the view may be worth more than an exorbitant amount of money.


Camping can be done on a range of budgets, and while some families splurge on high-quality grills and massive tents (or worse, trailer vans) others opt to really rough it in the wild for a fun week or weekend getaway. Living on the bare essentials in nature will take you out of your comfort zones, especially since we’re used to living in a world full with instant gratification. But the rewards of surviving each day to the next will be enormous, and grow with each passing day away from the modern world. Also, camping will teach children independent thinking and survival skills.


The mileage racked on while cycling will depend on the bike you purchase, but you can get outside and have some fun on two wheels without breaking the bank. Cycling is especially appropriate for the parent who used to be an adventurous motorcyclist and wants to spread the love of the outdoors to his or her family without the massive cost or risk of dangerous motorcycle accident injuries. Cycling is also a good way to keep you and your family in shape. Just be sure to take the proper safety precautions with younger members, whether that be a good-quality child bike seat or trailer, and opt for quieter roads with less traffic.


What’s more exciting that exploring a different world, which the marine world undoubtedly is? Snorkeling is easier to get into than many families may realize, as long as you have access to a beach or other large body of water. Snorkel gear (which consists of mask, snorkel and fins) can be purchased for as little as $100—less than many baseball gloves–and can last for years in good care. Just be sure that the entire family is trained on water safety, and the children have had swimming lessons.

The options available for adventurous sport or activity are higher than you may realize. A little creativity and research will go a long way in unearthing a plethora of opportunities to get out and enjoy a frugal, fun-filled family day.

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