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4 High-Priority Checklist Items to Remember for Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning comes at least once per year. Most busy folks do not have time for cleaning – they have things they would much rather do. Hence, following are high priority checklist items to remember during your spring cleaning (or other cleanings). Remember that since houses vary in size and layout, your plan and priority may differ from someone else’s.

Front Porch/Entryway

This is the first thing guests see when coming into your home. Things you can do to tidy the entryway include putting your outerwear, coats and hats, away. You should leave coat hangers or hooks available so guests can hang their outerwear when they enter. Another thing to do is to sweep the floors. Depending upon when your guests will arrive, you may or may not want to mop or vacuum these floors.

Living Room

Your living room should be an inviting space and a space for relaxation. You should walk the living room and clear the clutter from your day-to-day activities. This may mean putting things in their permanent place, including books and magazines, television remotes, and any cushions or pillows you have. People have pets, and should use a lint roller on furniture to collect the visible fur. Vacuum the carpet in the living room if you have carpet. This should make an impression because vacuum marks on your carpet indicate a well-maintained room/house. A thorough deep carpet cleaning may also be necessary, depending on your carpet’s condition. Use a soft cloth to dust surfaces such as the TV and/or coffee table. You should also use a broom to remove cobwebs from your wall and/or ceiling.


This could be the area to focus on the most. During this part of the cleaning, focus on the mirror, counter, toilet, and sink. Gather towels and hand towels and find a home for other misplaced items. Shakeout or vacuum the bathroom rug and sweep the floor.


Another part of your home where you can show your hospitality (and clean home) is the kitchen. Clean your stainless steel appliances, wash dishes, and refresh any towels and dish towels. In addition, empty the trash and recycling bins and spray these bends with disinfectant.

Some aforementioned suggestions may not be practical to do at the moment, such as deep cleaning your carpet. Some cleaning relies upon a regular schedule. However, other cleaning and decluttering can be done on the fly with little “warning time”.

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