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4 Home Comfort Improvements Worth Saving Up For

With the possible exception of monks and misers, virtually everyone wants to make their home as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, the vast majority of home comfort improvements can be quite expensive. This means that, in these times of economic uncertainty, most people tend to put home comfort on the back burner in order to focus their financial muscle on other more necessary and more immediate needs.

Still, while you may be able to wait to upgrade to that new big screen HDTV, each of these four home comfort improvements are something you should definitely consider investing in immediately or starting to save up for.

Automatic Window Shades

Many advancements have been made in the world of window coverings, and automatic window shades are definitely one of the best. This investment allows you to raise and lower your curtains at the push of a button—potentially even from your smartphone—which can make it easier to regulate your home’s temperature and even ensure your house is cool when you get home from work in the summer. Automatic shades also tend to be more reliable and less prone to breaking than standard blinds and shades. Also, you can now find a number of specialized shades that can block out UV light, which can help protect your floors and furnishings from sun damage and fading.

High-Quality Mattresses

Sleep is the one aspect of health that many people tend to ignore most. However, doctors continue to stress that getting enough sleep is easily as important as eating a healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, those cheap mattresses you and your family are currently using could be seriously harming your ability to sleep properly. A bad mattress can force you into bad sleeping positions and plenty of tossing and turning. Investing in new higher-quality mattresses can both make your home more comfortable and also benefit your health by enabling you to finally get the sleep your body so desperately needs.

Smart Heating Control

Smart home technology is all the rage nowadays and more and more homeowners are choosing to use technology to help automate their homes. In this sense, a smart heating control may be one of the best possible investments you can make in terms of both your comfort and your finances. A smart heating control enables you to automatically adjust your home’s heating and cooling system directly from your computer or via a smartphone app, which obviously adds convenience. However, these smart controls can also monitor your home’s HVAC system to ensure your home is heated or cooled in the most efficient way. In this way, a smart heating control can potentially save you a decent amount of money on your energy bills over the long run.

Home Espresso Station

Coffee is something that many people feel like they can’t live without. Unfortunately, all of those trips to your local coffee shop for lattes and cappuccinos can end up costing you hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year. This makes investing in a home espresso station an incredibly smart move for anyone who stops to get a coffee drink in the morning. Not only will it help to save you money, but it will also give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite coffee at any time without having to leave the house. A flavored latte without having to change out of your pajamas? What could be more comfortable than that?

In truth, the more comfortable your house is, the more likely you are to want to spend more time at home instead of going out. In addition, improving your home comfort also means that you’re less likely to get dissatisfied and start thinking about moving. In this way, taking advantage of these home comfort improvements could be one of the smartest financial decisions you make.

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