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4 Home Improvements That Help When Aging Parents Live with You

It was inevitable that Mom or Dad was going to reach a point where they would no longer be able to take care of themselves. It is a situation that many families must face and prepare for as parents age. Instead of dumping aging parents into some dismal ALF or nursing home, it is common for many families to take in elderly parents to live with them. However, to make this transition work out the right way, there are four home improvements that need to be made to ensure that this move will be a good experience for everyone involved.

A Stair Lift

If an aging parent is being relocated to live with family and there are a lot of stairs, then this can pose a major challenge for some elderly people. Fortunately, this is not an impossible problem to overcome. By installing a stair lift, this will make it easy for an elderly parent to move between the different floors of a multi-story home without falling.

A Walk in Tub

It may be difficult for an aging parent to get in and out of a traditional tub for a variety of reasons. They may have bad joints; they may not be able to lift their leg high enough to get over the side of the tub or a standard tub might be a fall hazard for such individuals. To get around this problem, installing a walk-in tub may be the simple solution that makes it easier for them to bathe on a regular basis.

Hand Rails

Whether an elderly parent is trying to ascend a flight of stairs to the porch of a home or maneuver in the bathroom, installing hand rails can be a thoughtful improvement to make to the home. A hand rail will provide support and stability to help an elderly parent more confidently function within the family dwelling. In addition, it will also help an elderly parent to move about the home independently without needing to ask for help all the time as well.

Building a Granny Flat

An option that can benefit an elderly parent in a huge way is to build a granny flat near the primary family home on the same property. This will generally require contracting with a company that does home extensions. This will also help an elderly parent be close to their family without feeling like they are always in the way. In addition, it will provide the elderly parent with a good amount of privacy too.

The day has finally come when all the home upgrades have been completed. The process took a little while to be finished, but everything was still completed in a timely fashion. Your elderly parents will find it much easier to function in your home and will share their remaining years with the family that they know and love. This should be a happy time for everyone, giving rise to many lasting memories to come.

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