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4 Keys to Stimulating a Love of Education in Your Children

4-keys-to-stimulating-a-love-of-education-in-your-childrenIt’s important for children to learn about and understand the world around them, but studying can be boring and uninteresting. If you want to instill a love of learning in your children, you need to ditch the dull whenever you can and instead make learning fun and engaging. Here’s how.

Learn Together

Kids are full of questions, some of which you won’t know the answers to. When your child asks you a question that leaves you scratching your head, don’t let your answer stop at “I don’t know.” Add the phrase “let’s find out” to your answer and then hit the library or the internet with your curious kid. This demonstrates that people never stop learning and will show your child where to look for answers.

Get Dirty

Children often struggle with abstract concepts and are much more likely to want to learn things that matter. When your child asks “When am I ever going to use this,” show them how. If your child is learning about forests in school, take them out for a hike on the weekend and talk about the woods around you. When a child expresses an interest in becoming a nurse, take them to talk to someone who has completed an online Master of Science in Nursing and see what they do first hand. Ask the nurse and other professionals you visit to offer an appropriate explanation of why learning is important to their job.

Learn How to Learn

Every child is different and may adapt to any number of learning styles. Some kids learn better when they hear information. Others are not at all auditory and need to read or see material. Others are more tactile and need feel and touch to help them comprehend concepts. Pay attention to your child’s learning style and provide opportunities for them to experience their preferred type of learning. Forcing the wrong techniques on a child can frustrate them and make learning difficult rather than fun.

Embrace Interests

Whether your child loves building blocks, toy cars or dolls, incorporate these passions into lessons and include them during teachable moments. Choose books, toys, games and other learning support tools that cater to your child’s interests and passions. When you do, the lessons mean more and may even be disguised as pure fun. Find ways to include your child’s likes when helping them master subjects that are difficult for them to make the frustrating and boring stuff a bit easier.


The key to a lifetime of learning is to make learning lovable. Children are born with a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. You need not instill it in them. Instead, you must make sure it isn’t squashed by keeping learning fun and relevant while showing your children that you, too, learn every day and enjoy it.

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