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4 Money-Saving Tips That Lengthen The Life Of Your Car

Unless you happen to be made of money, you’ll want to try to make sure that any new vehicle you buy remains in good condition and lasts for as long as possible. Even if you plan on selling it within a few years, doing whatever you can to protect your vehicle from damage should ensure that it is worth more when you do decide to sell. Luckily, extending the life of your vehicle isn’t all that difficult and especially not when you follow these four simple steps.

Pay Attention to Your Fluids, Filters, and Tires

Proper maintenance is obviously one of the biggest keys to extending the life of your vehicle and hopefully preventing any major structural or mechanical issues. However, making sure to regularly check and change your oil, replacing your air filter, and keeping your tires properly inflated can also save you money in the long run.

Under-inflated tires directly contribute to decreased fuel efficiency, and you can boost your gas mileage by anywhere from 0.6 to 3 percent simply by keeping your tires properly inflated. Similarly, a dirty air filter severely degrades a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and can, potentially, contribute to a wide range of more serious mechanical issues. In so many ways, paying to keep your vehicle properly maintained can end up saving you some serious cash in the long run and will help lengthen the vehicle’s life span.

Perform Any Necessary Repairs ASAP

Even minor mechanical issues can quickly turn into serious problems if left unchecked, and these serious problems usually end up requiring some serious cash for repairs. Something that could be a simple fix, like replacing your brake pads, might end up requiring extensive, time-consuming repair work down the road if you don’t take care of it immediately.

Of course, this factor applies as much to cosmetic damage as it does to mechanical issues. Even minor dents, dings and cracks will usually get worse over time, and they have the potential to cause the vehicle to start to rust. Unfortunately, those repairs will suddenly become much more expensive if rust does start to set in. Therefore, it is well worth paying to have any minor cosmetic issues as soon as you notice them as this will usually end up saving you quite a bit of money and hassle in the long run. Just search up something like “auto body repair provo” for your area, get estimates, and stop rust before it starts.

Drive Smart

The way you drive affects how much fuel you’re vehicle burns, which means that you can lower your fuel costs simply by driving safely and not speeding. Of course, wild or aggressive driving also puts far more stress on your vehicle’s various parts and mechanics. Hard stops, sudden acceleration and sharp cornering all have the potential to eventually lead to a wide range of mechanical problems. In this way, making sure you drive smartly and safely can also save you from potentially needing to pay for expensive repairs.

Keep the Car Clean and Covered

Regularly washing both the interior and exterior of your car is an obvious and easy way to ensure it continues to look good years down the road. Dust, dirt and debris left to sit on your car can eventually damage the paint job, while a dirty interior could end up costing you some serious cash should you eventually decide to sell the car. For these reasons, regular washing and occasional detailing is definitely a must.

Similarly, it is also recommended that you try to keep your vehicle out of the sun as much as possible. Parking it inside a garage or in the shade can help prevent both the interior and exterior from fading or otherwise being damaged by the sun. Over time, constant exposure to sunlight and heat could cause your interior upholstery to crack or bleach. Although washing your car and keeping it shaded don’t guarantee that it will last longer, these simple steps will ensure that it looks nicer and remains in overall better condition as long as it does last.

No matter how much you attempt to protect your vehicle, there is no guarantee that it won’t suddenly suffer from problems that require major repairs. Similarly, there is no way to ensure that you won’t total the vehicle in an accident the next time you climb behind the wheel. Of course, even if you can’t plan for or predict every possible eventuality, you can at least give your car a much better chance of lasting for years by paying attention to these few basic tasks.

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