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4 Most Common Causes of Teen Driving Accidents

Certain factors could increase the chances of auto accidents for teen drivers. Knowing what can increase your teen’s chances of getting into a wreck will enable you as a parent to take swifter action to try to resolve the issues so that your son or daughter will be safer behind the wheel. Here are four of the most common causes of teen driving accidents.

Lack of Experience

Teen drivers aren’t as experienced behind the wheel as adult drivers, and this inexperience can make your teen less capable of driving correctly. Being a newer driver can also increase feelings of self-doubt, which could make your teen feel more nervous about driving. Even if your teen has already received a driver’s license, it’s still a good idea to go out on practice drives with them periodically to make sure that everything is being done correctly while they’re in control of the vehicle.


If your teen has a mobile phone, texting is largely a big part of his or her life. Drivers who check and respond to texts while driving often take their eyes off the road and can strike other vehicles, pedestrians or objects. Even taking the eyes off the road to look at a text briefly can still be enough to cause a collision. If your teen gets into an accident because of texting, an attorney who practices car accident law may be able to offer some advice to help your teen navigate through any legal challenges that arise because of the incident.

Loud Music

Music volumes that are turned up too high inside the vehicle can create a major distraction for your teen. The loud music could also make it more difficult for your teen to hear ambulance or police sirens, which could further increase the chances of getting into a car accident if your teen isn’t able to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle fast enough. Getting out of the way of an oncoming truck that has lost control will also be more difficult if the loud music is muffling any warning sounds.

Driving Under the Influence

Even though teens aren’t legally allowed to drink alcohol, driving under the influence is still a major contributor to teen driver accidents. Teens that use marijuana or other recreational drugs can also become impaired and cause crashes. As a parent, it’s important to do everything possible to stop your teen’s drinking and drug abuse and get any professional help that might be needed to decrease the chances of a car accident.

These common causes for teen accidents can create difficulties and additional risks that will put your teen’s safety in jeopardy while operating a vehicle. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take as a parent to try to prevent these problems and keep your teen out of harm’s way.

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