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4 Necessary Health Checkups to Schedule for Everyone in the Family

Your family’s health is a top concern, and you may take numerous steps regularly to promote health goals. For example, you may prepare nutritious meals and snacks for your loved ones, and you may encourage everyone to get ample sleep and exercise each day. As beneficial as these steps may be, health issues can still develop. There are four primary types of health checkups that you should schedule regularly for all members of your family in order to keep everyone as healthy as possible over the years.

A Physical Health Exam

The first type of exam that should be completed annually is a general health exam or a physical. Many people will schedule this appointment through a family doctor. It may include a blood and urine analysis, blood pressure review, and more. Older women may need a pap smear and vaginal exam as well as a mammogram. Older men may also need a prostate exam. Children may receive their vaccinations at their annual health exams. Many developing issues may be identified early through an annual physical, and this may result in the best possible prognosis. These conditions may range from anemia and pre-diabetes to respiratory conditions and more.

A Dental Exam

Oral health is closely linked to total body health. For example, it may play a role in cardiovascular health. Through a regular dental exam, cavities and other issues can be identified early so that treatment can be scheduled. Any other signs of physical health concerns may also be identified, and you could be promptly referred to a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis and to begin treatment. Dental exams preferably will be completed every six months rather than only once per year. Many skip them and don’t know which dentist to go to. If this is you, simply search Google with terms like “dental cleaning Hammond la” and find a dentist for yourself. During these exams, your teeth may also be cleaned to remove plaque and tartar that has been building up in recent months.

An Eye Exam

Vision can deteriorate rapidly, and some people may not realize how bad their eyesight has gotten until they are in a car accident or have another serious issue. An eye exam should be conducted each year regardless of how seemingly stable or positive your eyesight has historically been. Remember that an optometrist may identify signs of diabetes, cardiovascular issues and even some types of cancer through a standard eye exam. Unless there is an exceptional need, most people will benefit from an annual exam. Exams can begin in early childhood and should extend through the rest of your life.

Cancer Screening

In many families, at least one type of cancer may be common from generation to generation. Some cancers have a genetic component, and others may be linked to diet and other lifestyle factors that are learned behaviors from parents and grandparents. Cancer screening may be important if your family has a history of specific types of cancer. When risk factors are present or when there is a history of cancer in the family, screening may lead to early identification of a growing issue so that treatment can begin immediately.

Preventive care and screenings through regular exams are essential to maintaining health over the years. While a general physical from a family doctor may help you to identify some developing issues as early as possible, there are benefits associated with getting more substantial preventive care checkups and screenings from specialists. Remember that each person in your family may benefit from these checkups regularly. It may be easier for you to keep up with off needed exams if all family members get these exams at the same time together. Some insurance plans offer these preventive exams at no cost to you, so check your insurance benefits before making appointments for your loved ones.

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