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4 Options for Families to Keep Their Elderly Loved Ones Safe

For those in your family who are older, you want to protect and take care of them same way they protected and took care of you when you were vulnerable, as they are now. There are many risks that your elderly loved ones face, so ensuring that they are 100% safe might be difficult. However, there are some smart steps you can follow to ensure that your loved ones have the protection they need to be safe under most circumstances.

Help Them Help Themselves

If your elderly loved one is still able to mostly function on their own, one option to keep them safe is an emergency services alert pendant that they keep with them at all times. This device will allow them to summon fire, police, or emergency medical care with the simple touch of a button. This is a great way to prepare for the unexpected, since your elderly loved ones are just as vulnerable to a fire or criminal activity as they are to the more common issue of falling in their home. Thus, you can be sure they will have the extra protection they need in any situation.

Visit Them Regularly

As we age, things can be happening around us that are hazardous to our health or safety, without us realizing what’s going on. To prevent this from happening in the life of your elderly loved ones, it’s important to visit them regularly, especially if they’re still living independently. Not only does a short visit give you the chance to spend time with your loved one, it also gives you a chance to do a basic assessment of their health, make sure there are no hazards around their home such as unlocked doors, and allows you to hear from them anything they have concerns about. If you can’t personally visit them regularly, there are many companies that provide a similar service of someone just checking up on your loved one every so often.

Protect Them from Those Who Should Care

If your elderly loved one can no longer live on their own, deciding on the next steps is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you need to put them in a nursing home, it’s important to speak to local injury and malpractice lawyers to get the lay of the land as far as what to look out for when it comes to abuse, and if they know of any local nursing homes that are problem spots. By getting advice from a lawyer before you have to hire them to prosecute an abuse or malpractice case, you might be able to avoid needing their services in the future altogether.

Bring Them Home

If you’ve decided that your elderly loved one is no longer able to be independent, but a nursing home isn’t an option, a great way to keep your loved one safe is to move them in with you. This scenario typically provides the most personal care, plus there is a much lower risk of nursing home abuse or other malpractice that could occur in a nursing home. Additionally, the cost is almost always lower, and you’re able to more easily respond to your loved one’s changing needs over time. They will also probably remain healthier, as the interaction with you and your family will help keep their mind sharp and their heart young.

No matter what option works best for you and your family, keep in mind that it’s important to be flexible. With many people living longer than ever, you may experience many stages of protecting your elderly loved ones as they age and become more frail. Once you’ve noticed they’re having trouble keeping themselves completely safe on their own, though, it’s important to quickly take action, because it’s the right thing to do, and because you know they would do the same thing for you.

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