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4 Practical Home Additions to Bring the Family Together

‘A happy family is but an earlier heaven.’ This is a quote from a very famous philosopher who knew that a family is essential in any person’s well-being. To conquer the chaos that is life, one has to come from a well-grounded and happy family where they pull inspiration, strength, support, and security. Unfortunately, maintaining a happy family is not a walk in the park as serious time and commitment have to be put in if you want good results. The only way that is possible with our busy schedules is by intentionally creating a home where people want to spend time together and bond. Here are four additions that any home can implement to get that quality family time.

Game Room

A family that plays together stays together. Nothing encourages sportsmanship and togetherness than game nights plus the kids will learn to have a good dose of competitiveness. Playing board games are very mentally stimulating but with family, its pure fun. If you have an extra room and money; consider adding a pool or ping-pong table. It’s important to dedicate a room or an area in the house for gaming because that will encourage the members to use it more. However, parents have to take the mandate to make game nights a habit otherwise it will be a one-person show most of the time.

Home Theater

In today’s world where everyone in the family has a laptop or a TV in their bedroom, it’s impossible for people to come together and watch TV in the family room. Adding a home theater in your house with all the technological effects, however, will change all that. A home theater is not just a movie on the television; it’s an experience and what better way to enjoy that than with family. Adding a movie theater in your house doesn’t have to be very expensive because you can find affordable speakers and effects as well as a massive TV set. Invest in a few comfortable couches and cook popcorn on movie night. Every member of the family should have their turn to pick a movie and inviting friends should be allowed.

Backyard Pitch

Sports are an enjoyable way to bond and spend time with the family. Many people think they need to have a huge basketball court like A-list stars to have sports at home, but all you need is a backyard. You can use a lawn mower to level the yard and then carve out a pitch of whatever sport you enjoy whether its soccer, basketball or cricket. It will be especially important to play a sport that your child is involved in at school because that will show interest in what they like and also horn their skills. If you have a small compound, you can still squeeze in a netball or badminton and have fun.

Hot Tub

Today, installing a hot tub in your home is not that expensive. There’s always a way to install a hot tub in Woodinville, or in other areas, for those that are interested. There is nothing more magical than watching the stars from the hot tub as a family and sharing mimosas. There is something about water, a drink and some darkness that will encourage everyone to open up and start sharing. Make that a moment to learn everything about each other and relax at the same time.

Creating time to be with each other instead of everybody in their rooms has to be very intentional. Parents have to invest in home additions like these to create family moments and also enforce a family culture of spending time together. With time, everyone will be showing up without even being reminded because it becomes a part of them just like eating or sleeping.

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