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4 Quick, Delicious Dinner Ideas to Fill up the Family

Every family faces the same daunting task at dinner time; find something delicious for dinner that will feed the whole family in a hurry. If you’re looking for inspiration read on to discover our top four quick and delicious dinner ideas.

Have a Family Fiesta with Taco Night

Looking for a meal idea that is fun, filling, quick, and gives everyone options? Look no further than taco night. Use hard or soft corn tortillas and a variety of toppings to please even the picky eater in the family. Ground beef or boneless chicken breast can be easily prepared in a skillet with little more than pre-packaged taco seasoning. Lettuce, tomato, and canned beans are great choices for sides and make for tasty taco filling for any vegetarians in the family.

Pizza Delivery

Some nights you just don’t have time to cook a big meal at home. Pizza delivery is a great option for a fast, delicious meal that is brought right to your doorstep. Many pizza restaurants offer additional options other than pizza including salads and wings giving you a variety that should please every hungry family member. Some companies, like Snappy Tomato Pizza, know that having additional options besides just pizza helps every family member to get what they truly want. If you’re feeding a big crowd be sure to see if your favorite pizza place has any special items that can feed a crowd and save you money.

Tour Italy in a Flash with a Back Pocket Pasta

Many of us keep dried pasta noodles in the pantry even if we aren’t planning anything particular meal. One way to put those noodles to good use is to have a few “Back Pocket Pasta” recipes in mind. These are recipes you can pull from your metaphorical back pocket and use anytime. The key is to keep a few key ingredients on hand. Olive oil and grated cheese are an easy base that is ready for a variety of additions including protein or vegetables.

Breakfast for Dinner

Everyone likes breakfast, so why not try breakfast for dinner? You might not always have a wide selection of food on hand to make dinner but most of us have breakfast food stored. Bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast are a fun change of pace for any family.

These are just four options out of any number of possibilities. The key is to find out what works best for your family and be prepared ahead of time. That way you’ll always be in a position to go for one of these four delicious dinner options.

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