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4 Reasons Why Modesty is The Best Policy

When the idea of modesty is brought up most in the audience groan out loud. Modesty is viewed as an old-fashioned convention where women have to cover themselves from head to toe. This is not necessarily true. A little modesty can be a good practice. It helps with first impressions, dealing with dress codes, and even when dealing with modern technology.

First Impressions Matter

There is an old saying, “Clothes make the man.” In today’s age this saying can apply to men and women. No matter who you are or where you work and play, other people form their strongest impressions based on your clothing. Err on the side of modesty when meeting new people. You can still show off your personality with attractive, stylish clothing.

Proper Work and School Attire

Modesty is essential for work or school. Most places of employment and schools want the focus to be on the work at hand. School dress codes are very specific regarding what can and cannot be worn. Revealing clothing, such as low cut tops, crop tops, sleeveless shirts, short shorts, tight pants, or very short skirts are distracting and usually banned. At work, risque clothing doesn’t look professional, and workplaces often institute dress codes too. These codes focus more on wearing business attire, but can mention length, fit, and cut of clothing.

Camera Phones are Everywhere

Almost everyone owns a camera phone or small camera. No one likes to think about it, but these cameras are sometimes used to take sneaky or potentially unflattering photos. Even worse, those taking these photos post them online or share them with friends. In an ideal world you wouldn’t have to worry about this possibility, but it does happen. Wearing more modest dresses, pants, and tops reduces the risk of being snapped in a compromising position that you don’t want to have to explain.

Less Worry about Wardrobe Malfunctions

It doesn’t just happen on the red carpets. Wardrobe malfunctions are embarrassing moments when clothing gives way, reveals too much, or even tears. There is no guarantee that you won’t encounter a malfunction at some point in life. However, the risk is reduced with properly fitted, slightly more modest attire. Look for higher necklines. Wear undergarments and slips with dresses. Wear belts or suspenders to hold up pants.

When picking out clothes for fun, school, or work spare an eye for the fit and coverage. Modest clothing doesn’t have to cover everything up. It just keeps the essentials under cover.

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