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4 Reasons Why Working Parents Should Apply for Vision Care for Their Family

Being able to see properly makes getting through life easier. Having vision insurance gives you that safety net to be able to afford regular exams. Here are the reasons that regular exams are important.

Vision Issues Can Start Early

Your children having regular eye exams is important. It is recommended that kids have their eyes checked by a doctor starting at the newborn stage. Premature infants are more likely to need to be seen be an eye doctor. A family history of eye problems may also warrant your child having an eye exam early in life. The doctor is looking to make sure that there aren’t irregularities of the eyes. All of these checks by a doctor can start to add up. Having vision insurance can save you these out of pocket expenses.

Poor Eyesight Linked to Learning Problems

Children that struggle in school at an early age may suffer from eye problems. Some of the signs to watch for are sitting too close to the TV and having difficulty reading. These are not indicative of an eye issue. Their teacher may notice that your child is squinting when trying to look at the chalkboard. This is the reason that many schools perform basic vision screenings on their students. If a problem is noticed, they will let you know. It is then recommended that you take your child to an eye doctor.

Eye Problems Can Be Hereditary

If both parents have vision problems, your kids are more likely to develop them. This isn’t always true, but it puts your child at an increased risk. It becomes even more important to have regular eye exams, such as those you could get from the Eye Society. You want your child to be able to see the world around them. They may not even know that there is a problem. Your brain adjusts to your vision issues. It may seem normal to your kids to not be able to see certain things. An eye exam can make sure that there aren’t any underlying issues.

Changes of the Eye Occur

Children aren’t born with the eye fully formed. As they age, the eyes continue to grow. Their eyes aren’t fully formed until they are eight years old. Eye alignment issues can start to occur as early as six months old. This is why it is important to start eye exams early. A doctor can monitor any changes that may present a problem. Eye changes can occur in adults as well. This can be due to age. It can also be caused by some health issues. It is important to have regular eye exams. This is a part of maintaining you and your kids overall health.

Eye exams are just as important as going to the dentist. Consider these reasons when deciding to get vision care for your family.

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