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4 Reasons Why Your Home Is Being Overrun with Ants

When you find a trail of ants meandering through your home, you probably take it as a sign to take action. Ants generally find nests indoors when they locate an available source of food and a comfortable place to set up their headquarters. You can avoid dealing with ant infestations if you take a proactive approach to clearing your home of a number of attractive conditions for them.

Food Debris

Eliminating crumbs and food debris is one of the most critical measures you can take to prevent ants and other insects from invading your home. Even very tiny amounts of food will attract “scout” ants that will then alert the rest of the colony of about an available food source. Spilled sugary items and even salt will attract ants to your interior areas. Keep kitchen areas free of crumbs and sanitize surfaces regularly. Sweep or vacuum family areas to remove crumbs. Use plastic, spill-proof containers to keep from attracting insects. Clean out pantries and other food storage areas on a regular basis to keep them clean and insect-free.


Some types of ants will also be attracted to moist areas inside the home. If you have a tiny leak in your bathroom or under the kitchen sink, you may find that a colony has set up housekeeping indoors to have access to the constant moisture source. Carefully inspect your plumbing regularly to prevent attracting these insects. If you develop a plumbing leak, have it repaired promptly to avoid insect problems.

Mold Growth

Mold growth in your home means there is excess moisture that is allowing the deterioration of materials. Ants will seek out the moisture and may even feed on the mold itself. If you find mold growing under sinks, in bathrooms, or in basement areas, use chlorine bleach or other anti-mold cleaner to remove the growth. Then, you should inspect plumbing or flaws in construction that is allowing moisture in your home.

Access to Shelter

When outdoor conditions are unfavorable for ant colonies, they will look for more favorable places to live. These small insects can enter your home through small cracks around your home’s foundation, around window frames and through the holes that carry pipes into your home. Tracking down and blocking these entry points will prevent ant infestations in your rooms. A professional pest control company can help you to find these tiny openings that allow ants access to your home’s interior.

Careful attention to a few problems around the home can help you to avoid insect problems and the damage they can cause. Cleaning measures and regular home maintenance are the best ways to avoid those sudden influxes of ants.

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