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4 Reliable Lessons Parents Should Teach Their Children about Gun Safety

Guns are not toys, nor are they something to joke about when it comes to kids. When you have children in the house, gun safety is critical. One of the most important components of gun safety is teaching your children. Here are 4 reliable lessons that you should make sure you teach your children about gun safety.

Always Assume Any Gun is Loaded

More than 1,500 children are killed by shooting every year, and half of unintentional shooting deaths occur at home. Teach them how a loaded gun should be treated (keeping your finger off the trigger and not pointing it at another person), and that they should treat any gun that way until they can confirm with their own eyes that it is, in fact, unloaded.

Guns Not Actively in Use Should Be Locked Up

Guns are kept for a variety of reasons: hunting, home protection, work, or simple pleasure and enjoyment. Some companies, such as Southern California Security Centers, know that whatever the reason for having the gun(s), teach your child that when they are not actively in use for their intended purpose, or for cleaning, they should be kept in a gun safe. If you don’t currently have a gun safe, need a new one, there are many ways to get exactly what you need to keep your home, guns, and family safe.

Never Touch an Unknown Gun

Teaching kids to assume all guns are loaded is a good first step, but you should also teach them not to touch guns they find laying around. Explain they can’t know why the gun is there, if it’s been used in a crime, and many other things, and the best thing they can do is come to you and let you handle it from there.

Tell You about Other People’s Guns

Teach your kids to tell you if they learn that a friend’s family has guns, and in particular, if that family doesn’t lock their guns up. This teaches them that they can tell you anything, gives you an opportunity to talk to them about what they’ve learned, and also allows you to decide if you want your child to continue going to a home that isn’t using gun safety.

Gun safety is important, even if you don’t have guns in your own home. If you do have guns in your home, you need to make sure that you teach your children to respect them. Taking the appropriate precautions can help you avert a sticky situation.

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